Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by Pottery Barn?

Yes, I know I typically focus on designers on Tuesdays; and further, some tend to roll their eyes when they hear the words Pottery Barn when relative to good design. But I got my Pottery Barn Summer catalog in the mail today, and the front cover immediately inspired me ... so I figured it was worth sharing with all of you!

Now, lets just take a minute to peruse these separate boxes shall we? Each is so beautifully layered, perfectly balanced, and although manicured for retail ... this could easily be something you'd want for yourself, right? Before I even opened up the catalog, I looked at the cover for at least 10 minutes. The large vintage canteen in the top left box, the stone look sconce in the lower right box, the display stands in the middle left and top right boxes were all calling my name! Once you open up the catalog, you get hit with the real beauty though:

That cabinet is a beauty isn't it? Now when I was in Texas, these were all over the place. In fact, you couldn't move without bumping into one. Given that I haven't been back there in 3-years, I'm not sure if that's still rings true - but if you're itching to buy one, Pottery Barn has you covered, so long as you're willing to order catalog only. I'm in love with that painting you can barely see peaking the top, and the wooden barrel trough too! Lots of prop items in this shoot that aren't for sale at the store or in the catalog. Two words: NOT. FAIR.

Though I'm not a fan of the bedding, inspiration abounds in this season's catalog on nearly every page. I'm a big fan of layering, as many of you well know, and I think that having antique shutters as the base layer (as done here behind the mirror) is absolutely genius.
I find this to be incredibly blissful, don't you? Romantic, even. The Terracotta Urn is another prop not for sale ... someone really should write them about this, don't you think? 
Love the rough texture and beautiful color of the kilim pillows against the white upholstery of the sofa. With my new sofa coming soon, (look for pictures!!!) I'm definitely keeping this in mind.
And while I may never have my dream vacation house with a seaside sleeping porch/bunk room, Pottery Barn has certainly inspired the look of it when and if they ever pick my numbers in the lotto! Oh, and those lanterns - not props, and very reasonably priced HERE.
It's hard not to be inspired by a vignette created in a space so naturally beautiful, right? But I was inspired by the large pieces of driftwood used as art, the succulents in the concrete clam shell, and that amazing candle hurricane filled with sand and shells and adorned with rope atop the table. Do I hear the scrambles of my blog friends rushing out to recreate? I hope so - I'd love to see this look on a budget.
Another inspiring vase in the far left of this photo. A jug, half wrapped in jute and casually filled with wildflowers from the garden. Stick that in the file for the Lewiston Tour of Kitchens.
I've seen this before, but I don't know where. Did you spot it? Look at the top right. See it now? They used old maps as rolling shades! Isn't that clever? A great way to add some color, and maybe even a little nostalgia.
The perfect bar.
The perfect seaside entry. Love the ship model on the floor next to the kooboo basket. Again, a prop that isn't for sale.
And while I'm really loving these paintings that aren't for sale, the combination of fabrics in this photo has me thinking Pottery Barn might have been inspired by Ralph Lauren! What about you?

If you didn't get your catalog in the mail, you can pick one up at your local PB store, or view it online HERE.


  1. Artie, you read my mind! You should do a "pottery barn" inspired challenge.I'll play.;)

  2. Don't these pictures just say Summer. Makes me want to vacation at a beach cottage, Artie! I love those white curtains and could just see them moving in an ocean breeze.

  3. Oh yes ... I've drooled over these pics, too, Artie !! I just redid my sitting room in all whites, sisal rug and blue ... will definitely be bringing in coastal accents for the bookcase! Look forward to seeing your new white sofa, too! *Becca*


  4. Truly a shopper's delight to get you in the mood of summer!

    Particularly love the use of the maps for a window covering. (I have even been known to use woven reed beach mats to do much the same.) -Brenda-

  5. I'm heading for Vancouver this weekend and will definitely be stopping by Pottery Barn for some of those shells, coral and starfish. I can hardly wait!

  6. I'm a beach & nautical nut so I was excited when I got it, too. I've gathered up stuff over the years but haven't displayed it all yet. I do have lots of shells out.
    I've been meaning to get to Walmart or West Marine to pick up oars and shabby them up. I can't wait to see what blogland does with this PB inspiration.

  7. Because I use shells all through my house, I also couldn't stop looking at the cover of this catalog when it arrived. I actually felt almost "in style" for a change!

  8. Artie....

    Just love Pottery Barn. I am usually mezmerized by the styling in the photos. I think it's the texture that I notice most...other than the color. Always interesting and always makes your eyes roam the room looking for more. The other thing I like about their photos is the rustic vs modern twist...
    As Charlie would say...'WINNER'!!! ;-)

  9. I know many in the blogging community look down on Pottery Barn for their mass produced merchandise, but I think they are missing out. I agree this new catalog had a lot of very nice styling.

  10. Makes me crazy when they use props that aren't available! UGH!!! Enjoy your blog!

  11. You've solved my over bed problem and don't even know it! Love those shutters over the bed. I have this horrid window back there that I can't really enclose right now.. and I didn't want heavy draperies! Thanks thanks thanks..

  12. The hubby and I have been drooling over anything beach-related, so this catalog is sure to do us in! Gorgeous!!! Totally agree about the shutters behind the mirror over the bed!

  13. I was inspired by this too! I'm loving all the coral!

  14. I just got mine too! Love the simple idea of the starfish hanging on the baskets and the updated gallery wall wish sea-worthy finds! Great idea for Summer! =)

    xo Lynda

  15. I thoroughly enjoy these inspiration photos and your commentary on each has my mind in a spin.. Thank you Artie for making my lunch break so much fun..


  16. Hey Artie, I liked the catalog too. The linen drapery with the ties are very fun and they are really inexpensive...love that part!

    xo kelley