Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Post

Today is the birthday of one of my best friends, Melisa. She's totally obsessed with interiors, though it took me a while to figure it out, and I'm not quite sure she'd ever really admit it. When I first met Melisa, she resisted every advance to get a peek inside of her beautiful home. Not because she had seen my house, because at that point, I don't think she had. She said, she thought I would be meticulous and pick out every flaw. Four years later, she's seen my house enough times in transition to know that meticulous is not a word that anyone has ever used to describe me.

I remember sitting with her some time ago, discussing paint colors, and the overall mood she was looking to accomplish with her house. She has a beautiful home, and a fantastic eye for things unique. After all, why do you think she's best friends with me!? Anyway - back to the point - Melisa loved the look of French Country homes, but not frou frou Pierre Duex French Country - we're talking French Farmhouse. Think stone enfilade villa in Provence or a terrace flat in Paris. But she has a decidedly eclectic bent, and like me, she quickly sways to the trendy, so she loves all sorts of rooms, so long as there is something decidedly rustic or French in the space.

Extremely chic, sophisticated, and a wonderful friend who I can always rely on, Melisa reads my blog daily, and I thought that as part of her special day, I'd give her a little eye candy. (Which consequently, she gets to share with all of you!)

Happy Birthday Melisa, I love you!


  1. artie I love you, but Melissa I think I love even more what she does to you!
    At the third pic I actually stopped in my tracks to examine, by the first kitchen I was all save, save, save!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your friend! But, no thanks for deer, zebras, or cow heads for me. I like them outside and see plenty of cows next door. Only one deer has run across this yard, but when we lived up the road there was a small herd on our lawn one fall morning. THAT was a sight! Everything else looks grand! ♥♫

  3. One of my favorite of your posts, Artie! Beautiful image, all.

  4. What a beautiful friend and what a lucky friend you have. :) I loved the third picture - rustic yet very elegant and new to me - beautiful!

  5. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to Melisa. Hope she had a great day.

    With the exception of the taxidermy headS, I adore what I describe as relaxed transitional French decor so I saved a few images for my own reference. THANK YOU Artie!

  6. somebody please come to my house and make it look like any of those gorgeous pictures above

  7. thank you Artie....I love all of the photos! I will keep a few for my files too!

    xo kelley

  8. Happy, happy birthday!! Beautiful rooms!

  9. A,
    Nice eye candy. Where is the 7th photo from, the one with the curved black leather wingback and brass horse lamp? Do you have more images of that house...I love it...