Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators: My Take Episode 3

As a second reminder, this is clearly my opinion, and any other opinion stated on this blog in comments or by me are quoted as opinion, and not fact. I do not know these designers, nor the editors of BRAVO who are creating the story we are all enjoying.

So before the show aired tonight, I hopped on over to The Skirted Roundtable and listened to the ladies (Megan, Joni, and Linda) give their opinions on the series. It's a great session, so if you have 30-minutes, I hope you get over to listen. Until you do, here's what I found most interesting:

Beautiful Megan, who lives in LA, said she was in the studio of Nathan Turner, when his assistant said that the show had been so hectic, because they were juggling real clients, and the "clients" for the show. Interesting, right? She also said that she believed that Martyn's drama over Sharon Osbourne's apartment was completely fake (which I agree with) and that she also had been around my favorite on the show (Mary McDonald) and she said that Mary is funny, like humorous funny, and incredibly easy to warm up to - which is not really the way that she comes off on the show. Living in Los Angeles, Megan (who has PERFECT eyebrows BTW) Megan has some bright insight to these designers and their somewhat real-life persona's.

Given that post, and all of the comments around blogland, a lot of you are watching ... and a lot of you are talking! So onto my thoughts on tonight's episode:

Shannon Factor, wife of MaxFactor heir, hires Kathryn Ireland to design (or I should say rearrange) her home. Can you say hoarder? The house is quite beautiful, traditional, and quite a challenge for Ireland. As the furniture keeps coming in, you can see Kathryn's migraine swelling. But I have to say, given the client, the stuff, and the attitude: Ireland came through beautifully for the Factors. Especially given the befores from the prior owner ... check it out: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/532-Spoleto-Dr-Pacific-Palisades-CA-90272/2138629318_zpid/#1

Martyn (who, really?? drinks wheat grass shakes in a robe every morning?) heads to Mexico to "train" the house staff of porno king Joe Francis just how the house should be kept. So off to Punta Mita Mr. Diva goes ... proclaiming "we are going to need a lot of mah-ga-rita's to get through this!" Given that he designed everything for Joe before Francis went to jail, 5-years ago, he probably had a good idea of how this was gonna go down. But before we get into that drama ... let's take a look at what is actually fantastic work by MLB:

These photos of Joe Francis's home have been online for quite a while - and show Bullard's design from more than 5-years ago. In fact, I remember when Discovery Channel chronicled Bullard's drama in designing the property on their unfortunately short-lived show: Material World.

Then beautiful Jeffrey and boyfriend Ross ask: "Who want's to hire a fatty? Really?" Well, JEFFREY! Let me point you to my clients! LOL! Anyway - hottie mc hottie pants is designing the shower of an LA gym, which he claimed he could do in 5-days ... with $20,000. Now weren't we just talking to him about doing something on a more realistic budget? Perhaps, we should have included, a realistic deadline. Course, he doesn't really "do" anything, except complain about the drain and fluff the towels.

Sweet, sweet Mary gets into her book (which she calls her first) in this episode. I actually own the book, and I absolutely love!

So, ultimately - lots of rooms this episode, so much better than last week. I was impressed with Kathryn's restyling, Martyn's way of teaching the Francis staff (well, they're not staff now - they've all been fired since the shoot in October), and JAM's gratuitous showing off. Good for you, fitty!


  1. I'm watching right now here in California...I love this room!


  2. Best comments in the blog world re: the show. I'm finding myself still wanting to bitch slap Martyn for the fake accent alone. I too remember the property from from Material World... stunned it was reused but I have a notion it was for who Francis is (Bravo does love all things deliciously slimy) & the drama the whole thing created (staged), but its nice to see the Osborne drama was fake, so I'm off to the Roundtable.
    & Hoarder...good Lord yes.
    Have a glorious week!!!

  3. Artie it is really kind of a riot and you have to question a lot of the "reality". I loved the gals at SRT take on it all!

    Art by Karena

    I have an amazing Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica. You will love it!

  4. There is some misinformation in your blog. --Get your facts straight, pretty please. Something to this extent was said, "juggling filming and client paperwork"....C'mon. I used to be a reporter. That does not translate to: "the show had been so hectic, because they were juggling real clients, and the "clients" for the show."

  5. Funny Artie!
    Do you read SGM? So funny and recaos Bravo's RHW series in all the counties and states!

    Enjoy the summah, and lets all eat chocolate!


  6. You got it down! I wasn't impressed with episode #2, it seemed to flit too much.. a bit of nectar here and then flit over there and get some.. I was pleasantly surprised by this episode too. Fun to watch for sure.. Loved how Kathryn had to use all that "stuff"!!! Happy Wednesday and many blessings, marlis

  7. Hi anon, (from LA), my "facts" as they were, came directly from the blog of opinion (as is this one) from Megan who said, "I was in Nathan Turners shop, the week they were actually moving out of it, and I spoke with (um) I think it was his assistant, and she just said, 'oh, it's just been exhausting because we did all the filming (what was it) last fall and last December (she said), and it was so long then juggling our, and she said something like this, (and I'm paraphrasing), it was so hard juggling our real clients and then our fake clients for the show' ...

    While I respect that you were once a reporter, your hear say is really no different than mine. Certainly I suggest that you contact my labeled source if it's been communicated differently than you heard it.

    Thanks for commenting.

  8. I tried so so hard not to read this post because I record the show and don't watch it till Friday, but I couldn't resist. LOL so funny. First of all, Mary IS fabulous because she owns like 5 pugs....and she's beautiful and very talented. Loving the show. BUt yes, my God, Martyn's accent..OMG please!!! Really? Fake Fake Fake. Not sure if you hopped over my blog this week, but I posted about running into JAM and hottie Ross right in front of their house...yup, I know where they live LOL We were driving thru the neighborhood of Santa Monica/Pacific Palisades and they happen to be walking with their dog...sooooo cute.
    Loving the episode recaps...keep em' coming. xoxo