Saturday, July 23, 2011

A little Belgium in Kansas ...

When you think of Belgium, what comes to mind? Stone clad farmhouses with cedar shake roofs, jardiniere gardens with hedge rows of elm trees and crushed limestone walkways. Interiors of hardwood floors, light colors, linen, antiques, crystal, and seagrass. A little like this, right?

A Belgian dream, isn't it? Except, it's not in Belgium. In fact, it's not in Europe, or trendy California, or Veranda stationed Houston. It's the renovated antique school house of my friend Deserae, her husband and their furry family in the dusty plains of Kansas!  

Des and I really hit it off a few months ago when I emailed her about where she got a few pieces of her "old" furniture, and we've been friends ever since. Watching these rooms come together on her blog, and through email has been so much fun, and exceedingly inspiring. A collected mix of Belgian linen upholstered furniture, and fine antiques, Des has a beautiful design eye. Please enjoy this small collection of pictures of her rooms, and run over to her blog: Peeking Thru The Sunflowers and leave a comment! I know that she'll love having you!

Remember, Please take a second to pop  in over to Deserae's blog and leave her a comment letting her know what you think!


  1. Gorgeous rooms and I did visit her blog. I am her newest follower. I am one who uses more color in my decorating scheme but I do appreciate this type of decorating as well. It's so very calming on the same order as Joan's blog, for the love of a house. Thanks for sharing her blog and these beautiful rooms.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  2. I am a happy follower of Deserae's beautiful home and blog!! Martina

  3. Not the Kansas I experienced. Beautiful living room. Where's yours?

  4. Thanks for the heads up on another Kansas girl who knows design. I'll have to email her and say hello.

  5. What a lovely home,

    I can't get my eyes away from that nice coffee table, simple but lovely.
    Love the sofa too ♥

  6. I knew this charming home belonged to talented Des before I even started to read... :)

  7. Thanks for sharing this Artie. I popped in a paid her a visit and her home is lovely! -Brenda-