Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ralph Lauren Fall 2011: Brookfield

I always love when the team at Ralph Lauren Home post the new collections each Fall and Summer, and I was so excited to see the return of the "RL" standard symbols: plaids, leathers, horn, mohair, and layer after layer of fabulous! Take a look at the full collection on along with the other Fall collections.

Snippets of CDLV changes, DIY projects, and much more coming this week! We'll see you monday!


  1. OMG! Artie...I can see you sitting int hat plaid chair! ;-) EXACTLY your style...even your you...

  2. I absolutely love this style. So glad to see it back. Hugs, Marty

  3. Ironic you would post this today, I was just at his site this morning... beautiful stuff...
    hugs ~lynne~

  4. Ahhh...pour me a scotch and light up my cigar, eh?

    ...wait. I don't do scotch OR cigars.

    Cozy. Fall cozy. Artie cozy, no?

  5. Artie, No one does it better than Ralph or I should say Mr. Lauren!! He is the master at this style, Kathysue

  6. Psst... No slip covers... not one... no cremes... just gorgeous color... my kinda of room... always and forever... beautiful... no trends... classic style... gender friendly... best of the best... and... I love CDT but I have to say...

    Leather rocks CDT!

    Thanks Artie... you know I am a die hard... RL fan...

    Ps... Marty it never left...

    Also Artie, I am getting closer to having some pics for you... 122 degree's in my car yesterday... slows a TX gal down a bit.

    Are we close to your big reveal? I am dying to see it... I will hold out and anticipate ...

  7. Just so gorgeous, NOONE does it lke him. I do NOT care for the newest craze that seems to be ALL OVER blogland of painting everything white or gray and slipcovering everything. THIS is the style I LOVE. Thanks for shaing this. XO, Pinky

  8. Love Ralph Lauren. I never get tired of his fabrics.

  9. Artie, classic comfort and style!

    Ralph Lauren Home Collection always wants me to get a lodge in Colorado to escape the city life!


    Art by Karena

  10. Simply GORGEOUS!!!!! I need more than one house so I can decorate in all the different styles I so adore!!! LOL...Can't wait to see what YOU have been up to ;o)

  11. I love RL! Great inspiration. I'm constantly having to decorate around hubby's heads and horns and RL does it with such class!

  12. Oh had me a leather books, brass, beautiful rugs.....