Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday: Inspiring Spaces by Pierce and Company

If you've been watching HGTV Design Star, you've probably also been watching all of the great new design shows that HGTV has on the Fall line up. It's so refreshing to know that we'll be able to see more than Realtors and their clients looking at houses in areas from Denver to Brazil ... fun as that is. One of those shows, (probably the one I'm most looking forward to) is Interiors, Inc..

Interiors, Inc. shadows the designers of the high-end design firm Pierce and Company, and their wonderful design gallery, an eclectic mix of modern lighting, Asian antiques,custom furniture, art and accessories in Historic downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

Jonathan Pierce, the owner and lead designer has built a wonderful reputation while establishing a collection of designers helping to create amazing portfolio work like you'll see below. He also had quite a wonderful recording career in Christian Music for those of you who may find his name familiar. For more photos or information, you can contact them on their website: http://www.pierceandco.com/#!__portfolio


  1. If these images are any indication of the quality of design they'll be demonstrating on their program, I'm looking forward to watching this new series!
    Thanks for sharing your insight on Pierce and Company.
    ~ Wendi ~

  2. I am really looking forward to this show! The style is amazing..clean and classic and beautiful! xo Diana

  3. I saw this show last night and absolutely loved it!

    I've enjoyed Design Star this season the shows that followed. Looking forward to seeing them again, soon!

  4. After reading your blog I have to watch the show. I did not know anything about it. Thanks.

  5. yay! a new design show! thanks for the info, I haven't watched hgtv in years. this one looks great, and I was just tellling Dan not two days ago that I think Asian antiques/decor is coming back!:)


  6. I noticed this show last night and set it up to record.

  7. Thanks for the info...!

  8. Thanks for alerting us to this new show. It sounds promising. I hope the "Million Dollar Decorator" comes back just because they are interesting characters.