Sunday, December 11, 2011

LOVE ... Paperwhites

I'm hard at work putting together a great Christmas series of posts for you this Monday and Tuesday (possibly Wednesday) so enjoy this today, and I'll be back with ya tomorrow. (For a little while, at least!)


  1. Me too Artie! I started some a few weeks ago...will start more today and then I'll do some more in January...they last a long while too!
    Hope all is well......

  2. I love them,too, Artie. I have never grown them myself though. I am anxious to see what you have up your sleeve for us next. I hope that you came home rested and didn't overdo while you were in Texas. xo Diana

  3. what is it about paper whites?
    i do love them as well. the displays you have shown are great!

    merry merry xxxx

  4. Oh, I love the look of them and these images are fan-tastic! But, my kids always complain about the smell...they have an odour that reminds them of.... well, you know.

  5. *** THESE are UBER LOVELY, Artie!!! I always ADORE when many, many, MANY are planted in ONE BIG "WHATEVER"... the mass profusion is overwhelmingly beautiful, IMHO!!!

    Found some FAB glass and/or pottery pieces for planting bulbs for friends, using as hostess gifts, etc, & the SEARCH was so FUN!!!

    I am SOOOO overdue in planting most of mine... finally got started yesterday, so January should be full of them in the house... The flower/garden shop paper whites will stand in just fine til then, as I know from experience!!! (YES, I admit to being a procrastinator, darn it!!!)>..

    ENJOY CHRISTMAS & all its joy n' LOVE in CELEBRATION of His birthday!

    Linda in AZ *

  6. Love the images. I look forward to the Christmas posts you have planned for us.

  7. Beautiful post..... I love all the images. Thank you for the inspiration!


  8. I love paperwhites and their scent! Please send me an e-mail later in the week, hopefully I can meet up with you! This week is crazy busy but I will try my best!!!!! XO, Pinky Who is Mimi???

  9. It is so funny, your outdoor pots are so similar to what I did last year, and this year I did them the same only I added the dried (golden/brown) limelight hydrangeas like you did.
    Paperwhites are my favorite and this has to be my FAVORITE POST this holiday season. I absolutely love paperwhites as they have beautiful long green leaves and stems and the flowers are beautiful and smell great. After the flowers die, I cut the leaves off and I display them in clear glass cylinders. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.