Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Photoshoot - Plus Glimpses at the Tour to Come

Well, just 5 hours later, the photographer and his stylist/assistant left and I couldn't be happier with the way it all turned out. Here I thought the process for this home-town magazine wouldn't be nearly as exciting or dare I say, professional, as the shoots for Better Homes and Gardens publications - but boy, was I wrong!

They showed up, right on time, with a cart filled with multiple bags of camera equipment, most of which turned out to be additional light sources.

While they set up for the first shot of the foyer, Scott wooed them with tales of being a million dollar real estate agent, before he left in the middle of the shoot to get back to work. The camera, a super awesome DSLR with multiple lenses has a port and cable which hooks to the laptop so that the photographer can see what they're shooting on a large scale to point out any flaws or to help adjust lighting, etc..

They moved the bags from room to room, making sure they were completely out of view when the photo was taken. My tiny little house felt that much smaller with all those bags in here! Note to self: take guests luggage immediately to the guest room.

There were a few of these can-light-on-tripod jobs in different corners of the room to give the light necessary to take a proper photo of the staircase.
Isn't this cool? I love this program! Being able to immediately see what you've shot on the computer screen means you don't waste time uploading image after image after image, only to see that you have to run over and reshoot it. Don't get me wrong, there were multiple photos taken of each room until the right one was chosen, but doing it this way sure saved a lot of time!
The photographer and stylist would go over the photos to make sure that the light was accurate, and that the composure was just right for the picture, and then he'd take the first shot. That's when I was given the opportunity to see what they were photographing, and make suggestions for styling that might make the picture better.
Thanks to my best good friend Margaret, and her handy dandy Kirby that she let me borrow after Scott broke ours trying to suck up leaves in the front yard, the house was beautifully clean, so the only thing we had to worry about in the photographs were little tweeks, like the fan of the tassel attached to the key, and the greens in the flower arrangement. P.S.,  ... That's not how he broke the vacuum, but it sure could have been! (Doesn't he know that you can't always use a vacuum to do a broom's job?)  
They took 6 shots that could potentially make the magazine, most of them vignettes, but a few others, and a large room shot of the living room looking into the foyer and sunroom to convey the relationship of the rooms in the house.

I got very little sleep prepping for this, so I'm wiped out! I'm off to bed, but would love to wake up tomorrow morning with lots of comments on the shots you were able to sleuth off the screen!