Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making My Christmas List

I need one more day to get these trees together. I was given a last minute challenge and it's taken me a bit longer that even I thought it would. It's worth the wait though, I promise. Now, onto something different - I'm not one to want much for Christmas. I've always sorta been more of a giver ... but this year I did ask for just a few things.

I love suzanis. I've got a million and one ideas for them, but have always coveted one as a light throw over our bed. So, I asked Scott for a suzani. I don't know if he'll get something like the room above, with lots of black and red, or something like the room before - which is far better for the colors we already have:
Who knows - he might say I don't need one more piece of fabric (and he wouldn't be wrong for saying it!) and I'll end up having to order one for myself this coming January. I also asked for the beginnings of what I hope will become a new collection:

Yes, turtle shells! I don't know why I love them so much - but I do, and I have the perfect place for a couple of them around CDLV. So there you have it, what's on your Christmas List?