Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making My Christmas List

I need one more day to get these trees together. I was given a last minute challenge and it's taken me a bit longer that even I thought it would. It's worth the wait though, I promise. Now, onto something different - I'm not one to want much for Christmas. I've always sorta been more of a giver ... but this year I did ask for just a few things.

I love suzanis. I've got a million and one ideas for them, but have always coveted one as a light throw over our bed. So, I asked Scott for a suzani. I don't know if he'll get something like the room above, with lots of black and red, or something like the room before - which is far better for the colors we already have:
Who knows - he might say I don't need one more piece of fabric (and he wouldn't be wrong for saying it!) and I'll end up having to order one for myself this coming January. I also asked for the beginnings of what I hope will become a new collection:

Yes, turtle shells! I don't know why I love them so much - but I do, and I have the perfect place for a couple of them around CDLV. So there you have it, what's on your Christmas List?


  1. I love the suzanis. The second image is my color preference. While I like objects made from tortoise, I could not handle having the shell. As for my Christmas list, I would like something as mundane as an iphone, but my real present is that my sons, daughter-in-law and my darling 17-month old grandson will be visiting me here in SW Florida from NYC. I hope you get your Christmas wish,

  2. Well, if Scott doesn't get the hint now, there's no hope! I hope all your dreams come true!

  3. The red and black is my choice. It just adds so much excitement to the space!

  4. I hope you get one! I hope you LOVE the one you get!

    I don't want much for Christmas either-just to be with family and friends. xo Diana

  5. Artie, I hope this coming year is filled with your dreams come true! I coveted a tortoise shell and bought one from a Scott's vendor, it was a hefty one, much like the WS image(which is in my inspiration files too). I saw another inside and the gentleman who was selling it at a much higher price told me the one I purchased outside wasn't "cured" properly and there was still "meat" in it and it would stink up my house....of course I thought it was all an evil ploy to make me buy the same thing but only at a higher price until I got it home and Kevin the dog went crazy over it and the minute he could sneak into my bedroom he ATE it, just chewed it all up and was sick for days!@ Geez try explaining that to your vet. Now faux is in my vocabulary. Happy Holidays! XXOO SJR

  6. What I want the most? Wallpaper for my dining room. I'm easy. No jewels, no high ticket items, none of that. Just wallpaper. And some fabric. If Santa is listening! Good luck with your Susani wishes! :)

  7. I hope Scott is reading your blog!!! And that you get what is on your list. I never make a list, I never know what to ask for. BUT, just recently I asked my BIL who is a hunter if he would send me some antlers and he also has some TURTLE SHELLS!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!! XO, Pinky

  8. That is a lovely list, I hope Santa is good to you because you were definitely on the NICE list.

    We use to have little turtles a few years back and I always loved having little metal or clay statues of them but never thought of the actual shell. Creative and cool.

    Here hoping you get what's on your list.

    Lucky 7 Design

  9. I have a strong philosophical opposition to decorating with tortoise shells. You may recall that the hawksbill tortoise is endangered, as it was so plundered for its shell. Perhaps others are not, but I would hate to think of one of these majestic creatures being fished out of a swamp and killed, so that I could decorate my wall. When one thinks about the animal that lived inside the shell, it becomes as creepy as hanging a deer's head on the wall, or a tiger rug. I hope you'll change your mind.