Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dirty, Sexy, Money - Darlings!

Until recently, I've not been a big television watcher. Sure, I have my must-watch shows, but for the most part I haven't expanded onto others. I just didn't have the time. But during the arduous waiting of the past couple of months of helping family afar, I've found a bit of relief from painful realities in television, and have come to adore my "fancy movie box" and the glory of Netflix.

For those of you who have Netflix, you understand this already; for those of you who do not: Netflix streaming is essentially an immediately accessible library of television, movies, and documentaries in every genre right at your finger tips, and for only $8/month! Sure, the movies aren't right off the cinema line, and the television shows are past seasons, but it's entertaining none-the-less. Another perk, they recommend new shows and movies based on your viewing ... so when Netflix suggested I watch "Dirty, Sexy, Money" after I watched every single episode of "White Collar" (both seasons 1 and 2) I thought I'd give it a go. Boy, am I glad I did - and you probably will be too!

Set in Manhattan, and based on the fictional Darling family, the premise of Dirty, Sexy, Money is simple: family lawyer (protagonist lead) rushes around during each episode fixing the problems of the Darling family, ultimately seeking clues pointing to whom in family may have killed his father. It's not half bad, but the interiors are spectacular! Designed for television by Maralee Zediker (current set decorator for Hot in Cleveland), the Darling mansion isn't what you'd think of when you put wealthy, old money, New York, and 6-story family compound together. 

The main rooms of the mansion are set up enfilade, so we'll start our little tour in the family study:

The Darlings love color! You see a great deal of red throughout the interiors in the Mansion, just like these grand overscaled wingback chairs in the library/study. Shaking hands over an agreement not to share family secrets, the family chauffeur and New York Times reporter shake hands over a walnut trestle table surrounded by leather chairs with a simple, modern line. The room is wrapped in book shelves, and modern art and lighting give the room a youthful, contemporary look - while fitting in perfectly with the traditional architecture.

Same room, looking into the other rooms of the home - this time the table styled with coffee table books and glass decorative objects. Note the corner of the modern line club chair in the left corner, and the round cocktail table to the right. One of the great things about the set of Dirty, Sexy, Money is the changes you see in the set in each episode.

The round cocktail table is gone, in favor of a rolling bar cart filled with crystal decanters, and the books are placed on a floating library table for a "cleaner" look. Moving into the living room of the space:

More modern art, and a better view into the study and those gorgeous bookshelves. I love that the set decorator wasn't afraid to mix lots of color and pattern. How many of us would think to pair faded apple green with rusty red, black and white cafe stripe, and a busy, matlesse patterned sofa? I sure wouldn't, but look at how great it all looks together!

A better view of the fabric on the dueling sofas. A little Charlotte Moss influence with the furniture layout, the rooms have no shortage of furniture. Each room has multiple seating arrangements and something beautiful to admire in every corner.

Here, with the furniture removed for the family photoshoot (with lion's none-the-less), you can see the gorgeous fireplace and the patterned rug otherwise unseen throughout the show. As I said before, this decor is a study in the pairing of pattern and color - brilliantly executed. The living room opens onto the sitting room:

Furnished more simply, the sitting room is still decorated with purpose and style. Two sofas, one backless, and two club chairs with multiple tables for drinks give a nice reprieve to the chair filled living room.

The sofa, backless for a clear view to and from the adjoining foyer, upholstered in linen with silk throw pillows: divine!

What makes all of these separate seating groups and color combinations work? Traditional layouts! Lots of symmetry in these spaces keep them inspiring when they could have been a flop. Check out the bullion fringe on the sofa. Something so formal mixed in with those very clean line, nailhead trimmed wingbacks - gorgeous!
A view of the arrangement from the side looking into the dining room. Much less color in the sitting room than in the rest of the house - but I think that's because it opens onto the foyer which has that amazing staircase!

Here, yet another settee in that rust red fabric, accessorized with jewel toned purples and mustards. Isn't that blue and white collection dreamy?

And taken from the staircase toward the sitting room and enfilade hallways - you get an idea of how truly large these rooms are. Given that most apartments in Manhattan are smaller than one room in this "house", you can definitely feel the wealth. And if the size wasn't enough - take a look at the maids found in almost every frame:
Another patterned rug under the round dining table, oversized to seat 12 comfortably, the dining room is my favorite with its red chairs, double chandelier, and wall of doors onto the patio overlooking Manhattan's Central Park.

As I said before, red is a favorite color in this space, and it's found in both small and large ways throughout every room:

Trip, the patriarch, behind the desk of his home office - painted red. So old-money, don't you think?

Opposite the desk (with a view to yet another patio) the office has a very eclectic, leather conversation area.
And to keep that modern, contemporary flair throughout the house - the rug here, is patterned and modern. Far different than the tabriz or oriental you'd expect, right?

The master bedroom - elegantly appointed with a four poster bed and two separate seating areas and an office. This room, beyond all others is definitely the most traditional of the rooms we see throughout the series.

Case in point, here in the youngest daughter's bedroom - a mix of avocado and pink - who'da thunk it! I absolutely love the size of these rooms, and the sconces they used in this room - so perfect for this sorta modern nod to the princess suite.

One of the most beautiful rooms though, is the bedroom we see only once, in the family's home in Italy:
I mean - really? Anyone know what this really is? What a stunning estate - definitely the proper exterior for the set of this bedroom:
Gorgeous right? Even those of you who are into the all white, Belgian look can't deny the beauty of this space. Gilded chairs, rich, warm colors, and architecture that will make you sing - this room is by far my favorite.
Another view, catching the corner of the knoll sofa - which we also see in the office of Patrick Darling, New York Senator.

And that fireplace, and screen!? I could move right in!

If I don't stop somewhere this post will continue to go on and on and on and ... you get the point. So for now, that's where we'll call it a day. I hope you enjoyed the photos - and for those of you who've missed my voice here on the blog, thanks for giving me a reason to write again!


  1. Well now, do you have any idea of the story line?!! Thanks for all the eye candy because that's why I'd watch, too. And, I am one of your followers that misses you and your home.♥♫

  2. Artie! I am so going to watch this show just for the house! I have never even heard of it. Thanks for the tip! xo Diana

  3. That office looks quite a bit like my living room (styled as best a mere male can) after a old fashioned library...and that modern rug in the office is exactly what I've been looking for. Does anyone know who makes it or where I can find one like it?