Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LOVE ... Canopy Beds

I hope you all enjoyed the beginning of my "Check it Out" series, focused on check fabrics. Onto more loves ...

I have always loved canopy beds, and have even had a few over the past years. Somehow though, they never seem to look as lovely as these.


  1. For me, the time in bed..before going to sleep and first wakening..is the best place for my mind to create and solve life problems. Amazing what the mind can do while sleeping.

    Imagine what the mind could do when gazing upward...I favor the shaped open tops.

  2. They're all beautiful! Maybe one day.....

  3. I have a four poster however have not canopied it! The master is small and the bed is King size so a concern it will engulf the entire room!

    They are so romantic though!


    Art by Karena

  4. bellissime immagini...! Complimenti

  5. I've never had a room large enough to properly accommodate a canopy bed but I always thought they were oppulent and lovely. I would feel quite Royal sleeping in one for some strange reason. *LOL* If I ever had one I'd have Antique thick Cut Velvet Draperies with fringe surrounding it... and a Princess & The Pea sort of bedding interior... Gypsy Royalty I'd be! *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. My canopy bed is draped in lace curtains with a gathered sheer " ceiling", all in white. One year I put tiny while Christmas lights across the top on a reostat so I could keep them quite dim. My bedroom is a little girls dream and even though I am 77 years old I treasure it. Ann

  7. The third photo is really great :) About the white bed always dreamed of. Other suggestions are not worse