Sunday, January 15, 2012

LOVE ... Hermes Blankets and Pillows

I could go on and on with these pictures! Why is the Hermes Avalon blanket such a popular shelter magazine styling item? Is it the high end luxury of it, the instant name recognition? Either way - they're lovely and popular ... but a little too expensive for my taste. If you have $2575 to spend on a wool and cashmere blanket you can buy it right here.


  1. Ooh great images Artie. I would love to have one of their throws in the classic orange!

    Art by Karena

  2. Oops, I just saw the price, knew they were expensive, whoa!


  3. love your blog- you have a great eye and great style!!! you also have a great scanner- what model do you use?

    happy golden globes!

  4. aaaaaarrrrghhhhhhhhh... now you're just teasing me! I want to spend (waste) a little time in each of those rooms, no? Maybe I could just get one for my own, can I borrow $2575?

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. *** Artie, I'm become disenchanted w/ "$$$$$ because of the name only" purchases over the years. NOW, I just LOVE the REAL LUXURY of TRUE QUALITY & usually "go for it" (well, within REASON, anyway!).. (I don't go for "showy"/"in name only" purchases like I did when younger... heck, couldn't AFFORD it then, anyway!!!)...


    ***I went to their website a while back, after all these years, "just" to "splurge a bit" on the purchase of a blanket... the "final touch" for our "new" bedroom... When I saw the PRICE, there was NO WAY IN ___ that I would pay THAT for "a blanket"... just NO WAY!!! When I lightheartedly told my husband what I was doing on the computer (ACTING like I had ordered it already), I think I actually SAW him get pale~~~ he looked VISIBLY ill (ie: blood draining from his face!), & MORE than a "little shocked", thennnnn at me, thennnn said "Did you GET it?"... My answer: "NO, I love you and want to STAY happily married!".... HIS deep breath (of RELIEF!!!) took ALL THE FRESH AIR out of the room!!!

    Thennnn, we BOTH smiled across the desk (partners' desk) at each other! He blew me a kiss... we went out to dinner that night & it was quite lovely!!! (Who NEEDED that blanket when I had HIM??? Grins!)...

    Warmest 2012 wishes,

    Linda in AZ *

  6. To be honest, when I see those blankets, I feel a little sick at the excess. I always hope they bought them at Goodwill and weren't desperate for approval enough to waste that kind of money.

    I saw exquisite cashmere/wool blankets in Paris for $500-$700 at a beautiful department store. So if you are a regular person (not a zillionaire), there is no need to spend that amount of money, unless it is just the label that matters!

    xo Terri

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  8. I agree with the others and it seems to me that the big deal in having an "H" on a blanket in your home is to sort of post a billboard, saying "I've got so much money, I can blow $2750 on a blanket!". So...?

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  10. Gorgeous images - in addition to the blanke I loved all of the layers of culture and texture - it doesn't compete, yet complements - so I can see why it's used so often. BUT that is a ridiculous price - I'd choose buy a nice one and still have enough left over to give the rest to charity!

  11. You can get a slightly smaller one for $1300. So that's a relative bargain.