Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration Month: Day 19 - Hanging Lanterns


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your kitchen inspiration post! I check your blog first thing every morning and drool over all of the beautiful kitchens while having my morning coffee. Thank you!

  2. I love the Kitchens - especially the "new take on tradition"!! I am a New Follower - and just moved into my NEW Blog - hope you'll visit me!


  3. The kitchen with the copper hood gets my vote, or desire. All of the kitchens are beautiful. Smiles,Susie

  4. So far I've loved all of your inspiration ideas. I have to say, though, that today's kitchens are beautiful in spite of the hanging lanterns. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's inspiration!

  5. Check me out drooling! LOVE the island top on the pic with the copper hood!

  6. Thanks for the post...I love lanterns.

  7. Wonderful kitchen inspiration!!! They all make my kitchen look like a mini closet though! LOL
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. I'm seriously loving these kitchen posts.I sooo wanna re-so this 70's,Florida style kitchen I have.And I love,love,love hanging lanterns over a kitchen island.

  9. Dang it! I look at an image... ok, this is my favorite... then scroll, no wait... this is my favorite... no wait... this is so hard! How many kitchens can I have in one house anyway? Thanks for sharing.

  10. Artie, the first picture has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I saved it a long time ago. Such beautiful kitchens and hanging lanterns. XO, Pinky PS, I always have trouble with the words I have to copy, the first one is always clear but the second one is always HARD to decipher!

  11. *** Hello Artie! My BFF & her husband arrived from KS today for their annual visit of fun n' sun n' LOTS of silliness & laughter by us girls (the guys just STARE at us in amazement!)...

    ANYhooooo, they've decided they're finally going to redo their kitchen, & we're BOTH sooooo EXCITED!!! Took her thru a few blogs earlier to show her the incredible amount of GREAT KITCHENS/IDEAS available... Alas, the time difference caught up w/ her before we got HERE, to your always-fab-blog... BUUUT, you can bet yer bippy we'll be back FIRST THING in the A.M., as you have shared SOOOOO MANY TREMENDOUS LOOKS n' IDEAS here!!!

    What a GLORIOUS way for us to START the day tomorrow... BFFs for mannnny years, in our jammies, cuppas in hand (OK, OK, and some CHOCOLATE, TOO!), having fun planning/researching...

    I am SO GLAD you take the time to share so much!!!


    Linda in AZ *

  12. my favorite lighting
    white kitchen with blue ceiling is very interesting.
    Great post, Artie

  13. I wish bloggers would include the information with the photos, such as the manufacturers for the lighting, countertops, appliances, etc.


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