Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration Month: Day Eleven - Gray and White

cross bottles


  1. the retro fridgies
    side by side
    are adorable!!!
    have a nice weekend.

  2. Any chance we can find out the paint that was used on the gray cabinets in the third picture in the blog? We have just added Carrara marble subway tiles for the backsplash in our kitchen. Now toying with painting the walls and perhaps the cabinets two different grays.Any suggestions?

  3. Sometime in the mid 60's my mother painted our kitchen grey with white cabinets. I can remember teasing her about it and telling her that just because we were from PA we did NOT have to have our kitchen painted like Quakers. I guess she was WAAAAY ahead of her time! xo Diana

  4. When I first saw "gray and white" I thought I wouldn't like it. But some of those photos were really nice. I liked the retro refrigerators, and the warmer grays, with some cream too. I think it will be great with the wood counters and brick floors.

  5. Each kitchen is so awesome in it's own but with the grey color gives it a shot more of personality.

  6. This post really speaks to me because I am in the midst of a kitchen remodel. My perimeter cabinets are a cream with a gray glaze in a subtle strie pattern. The interiors of all the glass-fronted cabinets are a medium gray glaze. My island is a matte cherry with a very subtly distressed finish. All counters and full backsplash are calacatta oro marble. I selected a Farrow and Ball paint called Elephant's Breath for the walls. It is a warm gray and works well with the cabinets; and, besides, I think the name is a hoot.
    I am loving your kitchen series, Artie. Thanks for all the inspiring images and helpful narrative.
    All the best...Victoria

  7. folder for kitchen remodel is filling up thanks to this month's posts! I would also like to know the cabinet paint color of the 3rd photo. I'll be using Carrara marble in my kitchen too. And a thank you to Victoria who commented about F&B's Elephant's Breath. It might be the perfect match w/the Carrara marble in my bathroom remodel. I'm using F&B's Hardwick White on the cabinets. LOVING this month's posts!

  8. I'm so sorry, but I have no idea of what color was used on those cabinets - but I will tell you that it looks similar to the cabinets that were painted by Sally Wheat and made famous by Joni at CotedeTexas - Benjamin Moore Fieldstone. Give it a look - you might like it! :)
    Thanks so much for reading!


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