Sunday, March 18, 2012

Houston House Envy

Have you seen the new Traditional Home? Seems like Veranda isn't the only shelter mag taking up permanent residence in Houston, Texas - the apparent epicenter of trendy interior design nowadays. Designed by Eleanor Cummings, this 5200 square foot West University beauty has a before and after spread you have to see - pick up the Trad Home or view online here:


Designer Credit: Eleanor Cummings



  1. Great post! Her homes are always so beautiful!! I love working with Eleanor! What a talent! Thanks for sharing! xo Leslie

  2. I know- I just thumbed through this magazine last night and was struck by this, also! LOVE IT! xo Diana

  3. That was the house that pulled me in too. Loved it. I think Eleanor is such a talent.
    happy Sunday,

  4. Artie thank you for sharing I will definitely check out the magazine!!

    Art by Karena

  5. I read the article and thought the plastic covered linen on the breakfast banquette was super- looks nice but is easy care. The home doesn't look too "sterile belgian" like many houston homes look in these magazines.

  6. beautiful i love a restrained palette. yes, houston seems like the mecca of decor for sure. we were there in 2010 and i was exhausted trying to hit all the great decor stores in one day! :)

  7. Trad Home is and has always been my favorite. It never disappoints. I loved this house. It reminded me a lot of Joan's from For the Love of a House blog.

  8. I had just read through my copy of Trad Home last night and fell in love with this home. She did such a great job.


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