Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LOVE ... Cedar Shake Homes

The top portion of CDLV is cedar shake, but was painted after install in 1924, and has remained painted ever since. I quite love it unpainted, don't you?


  1. I have always loved cedar shakes. I prefer them weathered and gray rather than the natural wood color though. Happy Tuesday, Artie-xo Diana

  2. Not to say cedar shakes do not have their place but to me, since I find them to be somewhat of a busy siding "a little goes a long way". -Brenda-

  3. I love weathered cedar shakes...so reminiscent of the Hamptons or Nantucket. It makes me feel relaxed just looking at them.

  4. I love the cedar shakes. I have two dollhouses with them! One is "the beach bungalow". I used tons of grays, greens, purples and blues to get the weathered look. Love your blog, don't know how you do it all. Just lovely.


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