Monday, April 2, 2012

LOVE ... Fountains

The weather here simply can't make up its mind. A week of 80-degree weather at the end of March was frosted by snow just moments before the clock struck April 1st. We spent April Fools the brunt of Mother Nature's cruel joke, as icy rain pounded down on tender young plants that popped up weeks early from the greenhouse effect!

Hopefully I won't lose anything - but it has kept me from making some garden changes, one of which includes putting the fountain back into the round garden. I sorely missed the sound of water trickling in the garden last year.

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  1. Artie I really love to see garden wall mounted fountains, they are so interesting.

    Thanks for mentioning your Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway that is on my site!

    Art by Karena

  2. Same here in California, in late February it was like late Spring, temperature wise. Then it grew cold and rained like crazy. Now they say it's warming...let's hope its for good.

  3. I adore fountains. When I lived in the Hudson Valley, I had a number of them in my garden. Here in SW Florida, I don't have any because any body of water is tempting to alligators. No thank you. I did save the dolphin boy from one of my fountains and it is happily ensconced on the console table in my living room...lichen, moss and all.
    Thanks for these beautiful images.