Friday, April 20, 2012

Powder Room : Luxurious Must Haves for your Guests

There are a few things that I think, IMHO, no powder room should be without. These are not always expensive items, but they are definitely three luxuries that your guests will not overlook.


Gone are the days of fancily printed terry cloth hand towels with ribbons, tassels, and well - what did they stitch on those things? Turkish towels are far more luxurious, absorbent, and easier to clean. 

Designer Credit: Genevieve Gorder - Dear Genevieve
Found: here 

Pure cotton, handcrafted in looms they're rich and luxurious and a definite must have! I got three as a gift last year at Christmas, and they'll forever be a luxury I can't afford to live without. They come in a range of colors and patterns. Check out this Amazon store for easy shopping and secure payment.


Found: here

A few years ago, a friend of mine shared with me the amazing soaps of Fruits and Passions and Coriander and Olive Tree quickly became my favorite scent. All of their soaps are amazing, long-lasting, and will have your guests asking: "Where did you get that hand soap?" I promise!

I think that one of the most beautiful things you can have in a bathroom is a candle in a soft, sophisticated fragrance. Nothing too feminine or floral, nor masculine or woodsy ... that perfect harmonious balance that is a little fruity, a little greeny, a little perfect! There are so many candle companies that make great candles, but one you might not have known of is 324 Luxe Candles. 

324 Luxe Candles is MY newest venture. Pure, 100% luxurious soy, hand-poured, triple scented candles with double lead free wicks in sweet 10oz. reusable glass jars. Each candle comes in our exclusive CDLV scent, tested and tested until it was absolutely perfect! A blend of tropical fruit extracts pared with exotic greens and citrus fruits, soft enough for her, but safe enough to avoid macho man complaints! With a 60-80 hour burn time, you'll have many burns of this lovely candle! 

Includes Shipping to Anywhere in the Contiguous United States

I'm working on a HUGE project, that I will share with you all eventually, that will keep me tied up through the weekend. So we're gonna end our Powder Room posts with this one, and start up Monday with a whole new theme. Any suggestions? Leave a comment below!


  1. I can't wait for my powder room (September)to have these luxuries

  2. Beautiful bath!! I will have to look for that soap too!!! Can't wait to try your new the packaging :o)

  3. i was about to get tome turkish towels in istambul one time but they seem to be so thin, are they really absorbent ?

  4. Thanks for the suggestions for all the lovely luxuries. How about some posts on guest bedrooms? For example, what are the items you think should be in a guest room to make your guests feel welcome and pampered? Have a great weekend.

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