Monday, June 18, 2012

Moving? Maybe?

Well, there are certainly a lot of changes in the works at CDLV. I'm tending to gardens and rearranging rooms, trying my hardest to get the gumption to do it all on my own, and Scott decides that he wants to move back to Florida. It's more than likely a phase, but if any of my awesome readers live around Jacksonville, can you email me. I have some questions about the area we have in mind.


  1. Artie you will love Jacksonville, tell me which areas you are looking at. Have a great week. XXOO SJR

  2. Artie, my SIL lives about an hour south of Jacksonvuille, in a town called Welaka. I would NOT live there, WAY too secluded for me. No shopping whatsoever. Grocery store 45 mins. away.... XO, Pinky I think I would love right nEAR jacksonville. It is beautiful and not quite as hot as farhter south.

  3. Artie, I live in Charlotte County (SW, FL) so I cannot help you with Jacksonville, except to say, I moved from upstate NY to FL after being a snowbird for 13 years. I love it and don't miss snow even a tiny bit. I have a friend with a home on St. Augustine beach and it is lovely there. That part of FL is usually 5 to 10 degrees cooler than where I am, which can be a blessing.
    Keep us all in the loop.

  4. If you move to Florida, can I move with you Artie? God, I hate Canadian winters! -Brenda-