Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blogger Generosity

About a year and a half ago, I shared a couple of magazine stories with my friend Joni, of Cote de Texas. She blogged about them, and got 57 comments, each one of them really positive. The story covered the Los Feliz home of interior designer, Michelle Niday.

Stunning, isn't it? Michelle Niday is based in Los Angeles, California, and her sophisticated but casual interiors are a statement to the laid back climate of that fast paced city. French antiques pair up with modern upholstery, gilded mirrors, and just about every trendy accessory known to man. It's all gorgeous, and absolutely no wonder it ended up in Meredith Publication's Specialty Magazine: Decor.

Michelle moved from the house and into Los Angeles loft condos at the Toy Loft. The house was featured in Los Angeles Time's blog, and gave the helpful tidbit: Michelle's partner is a construction genius/contractor. No wonder she was able to turn a blank garage like room into this:

Gorgeous, right? Decorated in mostly gray and white, the loft uses almost all of the same furniture that Michelle had at the Los Feliz house, but looks completely different - modern almost, in this beautiful loft space.

Then today, my friend Deserae, remember I told you she sends me inspiration pics for BWC all the time, told me I had to pick up the latest copy of Country French, another Meredith Specialty Publication. I immediately stopped into the Barnes&Noble, but unfortunately the only copy they had was old, and the new pics, styled by Bonnie Broten, were no where to be found. Then Des sent me pics of the magazine, and low and behold ...

Looking familiar?

That's right!! She's at it again. This time throwing the whites out in favor of natural linens and belgian browns. So gorgeous!

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the scans. I really wanted to keep this magazine in tact. There are so many lovely homes in this issue! I highly recommend you pay the $9.99 and pick it up at your local grocery store!

Ok, I'm in LOVE with that chaise, the NEW fireplace and the stacked wood, as well as the little leather and brass throne ... could this room be more perfect? I dare you to find a way! Great job Michelle!

The fun part of these shoots, especially as they've been in this order, is seeing how Michelle has used what she already had to make the room look fresh and different. By simply rethinking a bedroom piece into a dining room piece it looks brand new! 

Michelle had always used books in her kitchen cabinets, and above the fridge and pantry, but the styling team really cleaned this look up. I think I prefer the way the kitchen looked when it was shot for LATimes Blog: 

What do you think?

Holy Dream Bed! 

Gorgeous, just Gorgeous! Speaking of generous ... remember those beautiful bottles I started making 3-years ago? 

I recently updated the website, today, and I'm happy to share that for a limited time only, all of the bottles are not only reasonably priced ... what you see is what you pay! That's right, I'm paying for the shipping!

Head on over to Cross Bottle Guy and take a look at the newest loot! I am sure there's something there you just won't want to leave without, and at those prices, plus free shipping ... how on earth could you!? Can't wait to see what you choose to add to your collection!


  1. I simply adore Michele's style...all of her rooms are so beautiful!!!! It was so much fun to see how her loft space has evolved over the last couple of years too! Just gorgeous :o)

  2. I agree that bed is to die for. Bonnie did a wonderful job of styling it as well. Thanks for alerting me to the new publication. Those special interest ones are pricey but worth every penny!

  3. Artie every single image is stunning; jaw dropping gorgeous!! The wonderfully unique, collected, and layered look! For me the LA home and Toy Loft resonate more than the browns ans natural linens.

    Thank you so very very much Artie; I adore my my new cross bottle You chose the perfect piece. I will see my mother in a day or two, and we will then unveil hers! I know she will be so moved!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series Featuring Harrison Howard

  4. this looks like a spectacular home!

  5. Holy Moly!!! That loft is Stunning!!!! I dream of living in a loft in Downtown L.A. We are looking into possibly moving there next year (if all goes well with some plans). Beautiful images Artie. Love this post. XoXo

  6. Michelle is a very talented woman. I pinned virtually every one of these images for future inspiration. Thanks for such an interesting post. I'll look for the magazine. Your new collection of bottles are fabulous too, Artie.

  7. That bed looks so comfortable! These designs are marvelous!

  8. Hi Artie, I have to thank you for sharing your find with Joni, as I became an instant fan of Michelle! Love your blog and your bottles!I have my eye on a couple. Thanks for the free shipping!

  9. Such a gorgeous Organic Palette... and the Styling is impeccible!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. The design is gorgeous and showing the amazing skills of designing and creativity of Michelle. Its looking so comfortable and everything is being kept with extreme care and creative thinking.

  11. Thank you again Artie for finding my work ( thank you too Deserae) and for choosing to do a blog on my work! Thanks to your readers for writing such nice comments. Thanks to all!

    Michelle Niday

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