Sunday, September 16, 2012

A little linen inspiration ...

I've been working on my living room, putting my linen slipcover from ComfortWorks on the sofa, and settling into my new chair. I have still been giving thought to painting the living room white, or cream, but in the mean time, I figure collecting inspiration photos won't hurt.  That's when I came across the living room above, designed by Natasha Levak for CocoRepublic out of Australia. Really beautiful, right? 

I have one of the gorgeous antique brass directoire tables with a glass top, a linen sofa, and while I don't have the chairs ... I am looking. It's that beautiful tufted leather ottoman that has my heart beating fast! I don't have the room with the new trunk that I bought ... but nothing looks quite as good with linen as leather, right?

I also love the fabric on those club chairs! Reminds me a bit of greek key, but it's more maze like. Gorgeous. 

And that's where I leave you. Enjoy your week! 


  1. these inspirations are beautiful!! this home is marvelous!

  2. I do not think you are limited to leather at all! (I really don't like leather on upholstered furniture at all!) YUCK!!!

    Oh well!
    (I like your trunk!)
    I personally, have never ordered one single leather piece of furniture to sit on for one single client.....42 years.....many clients.

    I can hear the comments.....I am just telling the truth! I think leather upholstered furniture is ICKY!!!
    (I had better count the number of clients so this makes sense)!!

    I find leather (sofas and chairs) slippery, cold, uncomfortable......and icky!)

    I couldn't see the "Greek Key"!?! Do I need new glasses?

    I love the slipcovers! (sloppy shabby chic) ( that is not chic)!


    And you!