Sunday, October 7, 2012

Speaking of Walls ...

I had to break free from the walls of CDLV today. I've been working so much lately, what with getting my old, old job back, that I've had little time at all to do much but manage personalities, and try to remember to have one of my own. Now I'm not complaining, I love my job - adore it really, and having time to explore 'greener' pastures has shown me that the grass is really only green where you water it. Back to the point ...

We got up at the crack of dawn ... ummm, ok, Scott got up at the crack of dawn, and continued to bother me to get out of bed for about an hour and a half. Then we headed off to the Antique show in Clarence, then to Rochester to get a little change of shopping scenery. 

When we got there, our first stop was the Eastview Mall, where I happened upon the Arhaus that I had completely forgotten was there! I wish I would have thought to drag along my camera, or charge my iphone but alas I didn't. These are photos from the NYC store when it opened. I remember Arhaus catalogs from a child, nothing more than Ikea looking upholstery, and blah furniture that looked like the stuff my grandmother ordered from the JCPenney catalog - but boy have they sharpened their image! 

It sorta has a Restoration Hardware feeling, but scaled to a more realistic proportion. The furniture is extremely comfortable, and the cabinetry looked to be very well made for prices that looked to be more than fair for the product. 

As Scott and I wandered through the store, I started picking up a few accessory pieces that were being discontinued and were priced SO cheap! (More on that later!) But then I walked into a space ... and again, I wish I would have taken my camera, that immediately made me feel at home. Close your eyes and imagine ... 

Deep Charcoal Walls, in a Flat finish, meeting natural wooden ceilings. The floors carpeted, in a multipurpose jute like material, with furniture upholstered in linen and leather. Antique shutters lining one wall, completely covered in louvers, while the other walls sang in this deep, bellow of a base like treble ... take me home!

Got it? Ok - well, it was magnificent, and it had me thinking about painting small rooms deep, rich colors again. Now, I know I got into my light, bright, and white phase. But I'm looking for more depth in CDLV now, especially since it seems we're here to stay. So, I came home and started looking for photos of that perfect charcoal I saw in the store. 

And I started to come across this lovely photos of Arhaus displays done so beautifully, I just had to share; but not a single photo of this perfect charcoal colored room. So I ventured to their catalog, but nada. So, I thought ... just look for charcoal living rooms. But I didn't really find anything that I liked in that lot either. 

So at this point, I guess it's up to me. I can't believe I'm painting my living room ... AGAIN! Stay tuned, for the reveal.


  1. I love Arhaus! We just got one here in New Jersey and I love it.I walk out bursting with ideas for accessories, paint colors, etc. I also visit my dream couch. Sigh...someday.

  2. What a beautiful store. I'm glad you are going back to your roots of dramatic colors instead of swinging over to the popular all light rooms. Drama suits you much better. I can't wait to see your finished home. Peggy from PA

  3. seeing the stairway makes me think I have NOT just made a huge mistake..pretty cool

  4. Oh my goodness, I will have to store the name of the place in my memory-bank for my next shopping excusion to the U.S. It appears they may have a wonderful selection.

  5. Oh wow.....the hanging chairs in the last photo! Crazy but very cool.

  6. Artie... I love that particular store! The displays are always spot on and filled with ideas. We've gotten some awesome ideas and deals. I've only been there a couple of items but love that store.
    Been really busy lately...just catching up!


  7. Oh...BTW...that round stone mosaic table in the last pic...I'm sitting at one at my sisters house in Ohio right now! I've been to the store they have here in Crocker Park too! They are all outstanding.