Monday, March 18, 2013

A Picture is Worth ...

Well, after a week of house guests (my sweet mother - whom I miss more than I could ever put words together to describe, and my niece and nephew) I finally had a moment to sit down and put together a little post of some of the changes that have happened at CDLV. As you probably know, I had an urge to shift from neutrals back to the colorful palette that I love ... and it took quite a while to put together all the parts.

The foyer got a dresser, perfect for storing candles and matches, gloves and scarves, and those pens and notepads I could never find when I needed them before. Atop the dresser, an old tin tray with black leather wrapped handles holds the mail, and a few pretty things too. (Above) I love having plants and fresh flowers in the house, but I am not good with plants that require a lot of attention. I've found that low/medium light ivy's can take a bit of abuse without giving up completely. This pothos is planted in a terracotta pot surrounded by a beautiful ash wicker basket. An antique door stop makes for interesting art, with it's original hand-painted coloring. The little brass urn was found at a thrift store in Austin, Texas, and it's empty (for now), but the blue and white tea jar holds individually wrapped mints. Great for grabbing on your way out the door!

The living room has had the most change. I layered one of the beautiful rugs that Scott brought back from Turkey when he lived abroad, over the seagrass and then started from there. The rug has gorgeous shades of blue, rust, cream, and a yellowy chartreuse. 

So, I brought in my rust colored velvet sofa, and had these new Pottery Barn Carlisle chairs slipcovered in Kravet Couture waxed linen in lemongrass. The trunk is new - an antique black leather and brass piece with beautiful markings and paintings. Unfortunately, in this photo, the little gilded footstool, covered in Oregano velvet by Scalamandre covers it up. 

On top of the trunk, are design books, all of my favorites, along with my favorite candle, antler, another ivy, African porcupine quills in a beautiful brass julip cup ... and the most interesting of the collection ... these little bronze busts from Africa sitting atop a vintage brass tray. Love these!

An ornately carved mirror, old bound and gilded books, and a beautiful piece of art are on the mantle. Just something simple. About 4 years ago, Scott and I picked up these curtain rod clips at an estate sale, and with the coloring of this one, I thought it was perfect perched atop my grandfather's pocket bible from WWII.

Eventually, I'll have some different artwork in those frames that the Picaso prints are in. Here you can see the chairs, and the beautiful line of that English Roll Arm. The other footstool, not a match but finished in the same way, more design books - I have them EVERYWHERE!!! - and the taffeta pillows! What a great story! I found that fabric 3 years ago at the Chelsea Flea in NYC, and had it hidden away. When I was searching for the perfect fabric for this room, I nearly cried. Nothing! Then one night - almost like a ghost decorator wanted to save the day - the fabric just appeared! Pillows were made, and I couldn't be happier!

In the dining room, not much has changed. I did have a new tablecloth made, and I changed the vignette on the sideboard a bit. I needed something less fussy. I'm not sure I got it ... but it does feel a bit cleaner to me.

The tablecloth is made from linen ticking in a cream and medium-brown. I got it for a great deal at 

The tablecloth has a brush fringe all the way around the bottom of it, which carries that rust and blue and green into the dining room, and I had one of the ottomans covered in the same linen as the tablecloth. 

And that's where I leave ya. Do you think it's a good change? Are you loving the color? I hope so!


  1. Artie,
    I think this look awesome. I'm feeling like it really fits in with the bones of your house. It makes those casings feel like they're intentional. I know you've fought with those and cursed them more than once. It's really feels warm and comfortable. I'm digging it.

  2. Okay, can I say how glad I am you came back "home" to color? This is your best version of your home yet, in my mind. I've been reading you a long time, and I feel like this is the most "you" and the most wonderful for your home's bones. Love it. And the slip covers are gorgeous. I don't like when people promote themselves in comments, but I just put some pillows in my etsy shop, 6 Wilson, that would be amazing in this color scheme. You gotta check it out, because I LOVE the colors you've used, especially as they are not trendy, and so appropriate to your home. I so enjoy seeing rooms that are not all about this minute.

  3. It all looks wonderful Artie! I think you have found your happy place in decorating the room! It's been a long journey, but I think you have found 'home' in all senses of the word. Loving the new sofa.

  4. Welcome back to color Artie! To thine own self be true... Your room is fabulous!

  5. It's a beautiful change - love the soft colors and especially all your vignettes. You have a flair for putting together interesting decorative groupings! Enjoy your new surroundings!

  6. ...yes...i love it...i have always loved your home...blessings laney

  7. Artie, this is absolutely gorgeous. Every single photo is stunning. I'm making a note of your plants (I am the Death Angel to plants). It would be such a pleasure to walk in and see the tray (what a find!), with the beautiful vignette waiting. A place for mail, too. Love that! Rattlebridge needs you! I love every single change! Is it okay to "pin" these at Pinterest?

  8. I am so happy that you have found yourself in glorious color. It just proves that it is not necessary to follow trends (I really couldn't stand all those plaster antelopes that were showing up in every magazine on the walls.) your house is just perfect, homey, but modern in every way. Thanks for the post. Love your house. peggy from PA

  9. It looks wonderful - adore the pillows and the image with the view into the dining room is wonderful!!

  10. Artie.. welcome home!!! This is the most gorgeous look. It has history. I has color. It has warmth. It's gorgeous. I love these colors! The colors look fabulous with the trim. I'm gushing.. but totally love the look. xo marlis

  11. Artie, I love the colors, they are wonderful, and contrary to some of the other comments, I believe you are on trend perfectly, for orange you have chosen the wonderful rust, green is the color of the year...all green and for the aqua you have chosen the stunning teal that is in the rug.,love it's all gorg...

  12. It is beautiful, my friend. ☺

  13. I LOVE the changes and the COLOR and texture! I want to go there! That means it spoke to me immediately! I LOVE it! GREAT house, and GREAT look! That house should be very HAPPY you moved in!!!

  14. Artie...I think it looks wonderful! Warm and inviting...I'm like you...I love the neutral schemes...but I find I like looking at them...and living with it is another thing all together. I ended up making a fitted slipcover (easier than you think) in an oatmeal color...but everything else in my room is warm rusts, reds, natural woods, browns and golds...keeping the walls lighter, warm cream color did the trick. I think I love my reds and russets the best. Probably why I like your room so much.
    All the best! **Tami

  15. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so different and i love it! so you're back to blogging? hurray!!!

  16. Artie, I absolutely LOVE the colors (I think I posted that before)- I covet that sofa and if you ever want to sell it...the colors remind me of a mix of spices!

    Love the Casa de la Vanderdogan!