Thursday, April 18, 2013

A High End DIY Project: Part Two

Well, if you're just joining the party here and want to know what you've missed you can check out Part One, here.

So, the plan is set right? We know what we're making and all we have to do is hope that the local stores have what I need to make my version of this:

Hickory Chair Candler Bed 

A dear friend that I consulted with on this project brought my attention to another bed I wanted to show you, too! Here's sort how that conversation went: 

Friend: You know, you can make it - no problems, you know that. But you could buy the same one for a lot cheaper at Restoration Hardware. 
Me: Really? Which One? 

Me: Oh, beautiful ...
Friend: And in your budget! 
Me: What'cha talkin' bout Willis? $1,900 is NOT in my budget! 
Friend: Well, I'm just saying - there are options you can buy in a store. 

So that's sorta how it went. Said friend is really a great shopper, and I wanted you all to know, if you love the bed, but don't want to DIY, haul it over to Restoration Hardware and save $3,500 by dropping $2,000 on this. Then get someone to make you a slip. Simple. Or ... you can follow me while I make a similar thing for 10% of the RH price. Ready? Ok! 

Joann Fabrics was having a heck of a sale during their Daffodil Dash; and the burlap (considered a utility fabric) was on sale for $1 off the already low price of $3.99/yard. For my queen size bed, I needed 4 yards to be safe, as I'll be doubling the fabric since it has such an open weave. I gave a lot of thought to burlap before choosing it as the fabric for the headboard, but eventually decided on the look of it's texture since the comfort will come from linen slip on top. 

I wanted to have a linen tape trim covered with bronze nail heads. I looked at a lot of trims at Joann's; and finally decided on this twill trim. It's wider than I wanted, but I had an idea. Also, at $1.29, the stuff was dirt cheap! I also had a coupon for 50% off of an item not on sale, so the 6.5 yards I needed of this was gonna cost me $10 less than expected! 

See? $10.29 Total Savings! What I didn't buy at this particular Joann's was the nailhead trim. They didn't have what I was looking for, so I went to the Joann's near my office to find it AND use my coupon all over again! 

I don't know if you've ever had the occasion to use this Dritz Home product, but it's so much easier than tapping hundreds of these things in with those little hammers. I've tried doing it myself before, and of course, they were so crooked I wished I hadn't done it. Not to mention I ruined that fabric. So, when I found this stuff I did a little jig, and have used it a couple of times since. 

I had the foam, and the spray adhesive, and my slipcover maker and seamstress sold me 2 yards of heavy duty batting for $10. 

The headboard width is a base of plywood. The thickness is totally up to you, but I used 3/8 width because it's lighter and cheaper. Since it's going to be covered and against a wall, 3/8 width works just fine. The width for a queen size bed is 60". However, there has to be a frame made for the plywood, and that's where theses 2x3 studs come into play. 

The moulding section at Home Depot is extensive, and expensive. From ornately stain worthy hard-wood mouldings, to pre-primed mdf, the possibilities are endless, and what you pick will depend heavily on the finish that you want for your bed. Since I'm painting ours ... 

I decided to go with this. At $5.55 a piece, the three pieces I needed to make the frame around the visible edges of our headboard was going to cost me less than $17. And it's pretty good looking too! Simple, but not too simple. 

So, all that was left to do was have the handy helper cut the plywood into the 5' by 4' piece that I needed. Because I wasn't quite sure what height I wanted for the finished product, I am going to cut the rest of it myself at home. 

What I also bought: 1x3 quality pine to finish out the sides of the bed after all of the parts are put together. Afterall, who wants to see this? 

Not me! So instead ... with the whole base put together and the 1x3 pine finished on the side with mitered corners will look like this sneak peek into part three:

So your shopping list so far (Queen Bed): 

Fabric Store: 4 yards of Burlap (it will be doubled), 2 yards of high density batting, 2 yards of 1" depth upholstery foam cut to fit 5x4' (you may need two 2' wide pieces), trim tape if desired, and nailheads. You could also buy 2 yards of muslin, I'll be using an old sheet. You'll see why later. 

Hardware Store: (4) 2x3x8 studs for your frame, a sheet of plywood (depth your choice) cut to width of finished headboard minus 1", (3) 1x3x6 finish pine premium lumber, (3) pieces of moulding of your choice for the wood edge of the headboard (no need to put the moulding on the bottom of the headboard as that will be covered by your mattress), wood glue, 1 1/4" wood screws, a couple of tester paint samples in your paint color if painting the bed and sandpaper.

And yes .. that's my seagrass carpet. My dining room has become my work room for this project, more on that in part three! Stay tuned!