Monday, June 17, 2013

CDLV Garden Progress

Ok, so I had to do something to get the heat off that terrible sofa idea. My gosh, I didn't know you all loved the existing sofa so much. I love it too! I don't know what I was thinking ... chock it up to a temporary moment of insanity. Everything is back to normal.

In the garden however, things are growing ... but no blooms yet. Figured I'd show you a few things that are just about to open up ...

Adjacent to the circle garden, just off the back porch is Scott's lily garden. Here he's got every friggen' lily known to mankind planted. Ok, so that's a gross exaggeration ... but you get where I'm going with that, yes? My favorite are the tiger lilies, which are very tall and open up to be quite colorful. I'll show you when they open up ... but I think they're beautifully architectural just like they're shown here. Don't you?

In the center peninsula, I had to pull out just about all of the sun-loving plants since the trees have gotten so big. So, I replaced them with hydrangeas, and in the center, asiatic lilies that are so beautiful in pink and white. Can't wait to see them bloom!

I've since pulled the weed collar that was surrounding Earl, but I thought it made a pretty fun photo. As if having this big ole' head in the garden wasn't quirky enough, having a Shakespearean type collar of green just made me smile. The "pots" are chimney liners that we picked up from Buffalo Re-Use. I'm a fan of the look of terracotta in the garden. In fact, I only have concrete and terracotta planters. I always looked for height and couldn't find it, until of course, I saw these and repurposed them.

The roses have really started going bonkers! I'm so happy I cut them back to almost nothing. They seem to be pretty happy about it, too!

The climbing hydrangea is really starting to go bonkers. I didn't realize that it would look like this when blooming, I thought they flowers would be more like bush hydrangea, but I'm so happy with this firework like burst. So interesting.

I plan on getting out in the garden on Sunday and really busting out a lot of work. The roof progress (if you're following along on instagram) is supposed to finish up next weekend, so while they're up there getting their hands dirty - I'll be getting mine dirty in the garden ... and painting the porch! I'll share it with ya on Monday.