Monday, July 22, 2013

Daydreaming over Daybeds

Do you ever find yourself drawn to an antique or thrift store? You wake up, with things to do that  do not
include leaving the house, and yet your inner shopper says: "There's something you need at 'name that store'" ... and then a little while later, it says: "And it's on sale!"

Well, that's what happened to us today. After we met our friends for brunch in Lewiston, Scott and I were supposed to go home and continue cleaning and perfecting the house for my mother's visit this coming Tuesday. But there was that voice ... and we popped into a little antique store on the way home. 

I wandered aimlessly, up stairs and down stairs, all around and outside not finding what I knew my inner shopper was sure I needed desperately, when I hear Scott call me from the basement of the store. I walked down and there he stood, pointing...

At this!!! Ok, not really THIS ...  I followed his finger to an antique jenny lind daybed, all dismantled leaning against the wall. "Is this the right size for your office?"  YES! I think so! It's exactly like the daybed used by Phoebe Howard above, featured on the cover of her book, The Joy of Decorating

I've never shown pictures of the home office ... I should get in there and take some pictures of that room, but it's an awkward, narrow space, that I use as an office, cross bottle studio, and blog central station. It's also where I keep my magazine collection, and design books ... so I have always said I wish I had an antique daybed, because they're so narrow, and therefore a great fit for the narrow room. That way I'd have a comfortable place to sit with my magazines, design books, and laptop. BAM!, there it was! And ON SALE for $91.00!!

I didn't take a picture, and right now it's leaning against the wall ... not very inspiring. It needs a cushion or two, and some pillows ... and I'll do a big before and after post when I get it all done. But, today, I thought I'd check in and let you jump on my daydream cloud ... all about daybeds! Enjoy: 

Design by Vicente Wolf, ELLE Decor

Design by Myra Hoefer, Veranda Magazine

Design by Eleanor Cummings, Kay O'Toole Antiques

Design by Phoebe Howard, Joy of Decorating 

Design by Phoebe Howard, Designer Visions - Somethings Gotta Give, House Beautiful

Design by Alessandra Branca, ELLE Decor

Design by Frances Merrill, 2013 New Trad Designer, Traditional Home

Design by Mark D. Sikes, Lonny Magazine

Design by Alessandra Branca

And, in the event that you missed having photos of CDLV, or the garden this week, you're in luck! My sweet friend and blogger Mimi at A House Romance has put together a wonderful interview of me!

A House Romance

Can you believe it!? I am so honored, and I can't believe how thorough she was in putting it all together and searching through nearly 5 years of blog photos to get great stock of my house and designs. Please head over there to take a look and read the interview, and say hi while you're there! :)

I'll be back with some daybed news ... soon! 


  1. If your bed will be looking anything like that first picture, YOURS will be the BEST of the bunch!! Have your mom help you get it done quick! Hope you have a grand visit! I wouldn't be able to survive if my family lived more than 90 minutes away by car.♥♫

    PS-and now off to the interview. :D

    1. I'm so excited about it Marilyn, course, I'm not sure what I'll cover the cushions in. I keep going back and forth about where it's going to go! Eeek!

  2. Artie I love daybeds and would adore one in my office!
    Off to see your interview!

    2013 Designer Series and Giveaway!

    1. Oh, I know Karena, I really want mine to go there too, but I keep looking at the sunroom saying - hmm, maybe it should go in here!? I'll figure it out at some point, hopefully sooner than later!

  3. Totally jealous of your find. I would do that in a minute if I had the space!!! :-)

    1. I really was so lucky to find it Carol! I just hope that I can fit it in there! :)

  4. I love daybeds and cannot believe you found one at such a great price. I thoroughly enjoyed your interview at A House Romance...very thorough and inspiring.

    1. Oh Victoria, I can't hardly believe it either! I have it put together in my dining room right now, and I'm so in love with it, I wish I had time to put it all back together (it needs cushions and pillows), but alas, I have to find it all and then take it to the seamstress for sewing, and all the not-so-fun parts! But I think it's gonna be fabulous when it's all done! :) Thanks for stopping by, and leaving such a beautiful and thoughtful comment on Mimi's blog! :) xoxo, A

  5. I love daybeds, and think they are so gracious! Just enjoyed your interview over at Mimi's. Congrats to you and Scott, Artie! Your home is beautiful and so warm. Fabulous architecture, too. Love all the French doors.

    1. Thank you Loi, and for your glowing complements at Mimi's. I am honored!
      I love daybeds too, and really think that this one will be a good fit for my house, although I've pined over the french and swedish variety for 5-years or more. I just have to get it all put together!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I used a twin mattress on my spool bed but I had to build a platform inside the frame to make it feel sturdy enough. The twin mattress is a little narrow but so much cheaper than having a cushion custom made for it. I would have loved a big down cushion. Good luck pulling yours together.

  7. Thank you for helping me fulfill a dream of mine, by allowing me to see my own furniture designs in homes across the country and around the world. I can't begin to tell you how special that is to me.
    Madison Outdoor Daybed

  8. This blog. This excellence. Something to go over again and again?