Monday, August 19, 2013

Kate Middleton and Prince William's Royal Kensington Palace Apartment 1A Before and After ... ala Ralph Lauren Home Apartment No. One ... Unveiled!

Well, I told you I'd let you know when it showed up ... and here it is! Prince William and Kate's finished apartment before and after (via Ralph Lauren's vision) Apartment No. One:

The lovely couple, newly wedded. 

The lovely couple, set to entertain at Apartment No. One. 

Narrow room at Kensington Palace Before.

 Becomes a beautiful breakfast room for the future King and Queen After.

Princess Margaret in the Living Room Before.

Where Baby George will crawl about in the New Apartment No. One After.

Princess Margaret's Kensington Palace Dining Room ... Formal and Blue Before.

Prince William and Kate's Sophisticated Dining Room / Library After.

Receiving Hall Before.

Princely Pugs in the Receiving Hall After. 

Bedroom at Kensington Palace Before.

Prince William and Kate's Bedroom After.

A room with a fireplace at Kensington Palace Before.

Becomes a Toasty Resting Place for the Royal Couple's Guests After.

I think Ralph did a brilliant job translating the interiors of the young Royal Couple into the Ralph Lauren Home 2013 Fall Collection: Apartment No. One, don't you? Hope you had fun with this little "play" on interiors!