Monday, August 12, 2013

Ralph Lauren Home Collections Archive ... PART TWO

Alright, so what did we cover in the last post? TONS! And I'm so happy that you all liked the trip down Ralph Lauren memory lane as much as you did. We saw some of my favorites, St. Germain Collection, Noble Estate, Bedford Manor, Indian Cove Lodge, and Mayfair ... along with some of your favorites, The Heiress Collection, Summer House, and Hudson Valley ... so it's hard to believe that there are more, but Mr. Ralph Lauren doesn't disappoint! The older the Ralph Lauren Home collection though, the harder it is to find photos ... so here we go!

Cape Lodge ...

I absolutely love this desk, chair and all! So gorgeous! Next ... American Summer. Although this collection was sorta like the Iconic Design collection of 2013, not a lot of full house type shots ...

Gorgeous Ralph Vignette! Full of beautiful things to look at. No one does vignettes like Ralph. No one! Back to Fall, we have Modern Metropolis, which pulled it's inspiration from the interior from luxury sports cars:

Not my personal favorite, but still lovely. Getting back into summer, Coldwater Canyon is especially hard to find large photos of:

Back to my favorite, classic Ralph Lauren Home looks, full of traditional mixed with unconventional, bohemia, and luxury ... La Boheme:

So totally me! Oh how I could just soak this all up and roll around in it for hours. A moment of silence for this retired collection, please! :) Ok, so then we head off to the West Coast for the Venice Beach Loft Collection:

And from that colorful laid back style to the rich luxury of the Modern Hollywood Collection:

Going from white to the dark contrast of black ... Ralph Lauren gave us Black Mountain in 2006:

Then back to Bohemian ... this time the New Bohemian Collection, for Penelope ...

A little more refined and put together, yet just as layered and lovely is the Harrowden Collection: 

But if this is too muted for you, the bold color in the Marseilles Collection is sure to please ... 

And lastly, for this installment of the three-part series, the black and white monochromatic color scheme of Bel-Air, with a few POPS of loud color thrown in for good measure: 

Hope you enjoyed this installment. I promise the third and final part of the series, won't be this long. Although, once I get going it's really hard to know where to stop when it comes to the inspiration of Ralph Lauren! See you for Part Three soon!