Thursday, September 5, 2013


WARNING: This post is completely unrelated to decorating. Instead, I'm taking an opportunity to share with you a passion of mine that, at 31, I'm finally exploring. You see, when I was a child, I wanted to learn to play the piano. But, I was flighty. One day I wanted to play baseball, the next I wanted to be an astronaut, the following a concert pianist, and ... after a while of my pleading for every little thing that went along with those dreams (including begging my mother to make me a space suit and send me to NASA space camp) Mom stopped indulging me. Instead, she said: "I'll buy you a keyboard, if you stick to your lessons, then we'll get a piano." Reasonable, right? 

No! I was a precocious little thing, and demanded that I have a piano. Since she stayed strong with her no, I never took lessons. Twenty-five years later, I'm starting. 

Of course, part of that precocious child is still in me. One night, I said to Scott, we're getting a baby grand piano. Yes - a friggen baby grand piano! 

The next morning I figured out exactly where it'd go, and I went on Craigslist and started looking for local sellers of used baby grand pianos. I looked at 4, yes FOUR, each of them worse than the one before it. The first sounded like a tinker toy, the second had a poor sound, but a terrible case. The third had keys missing ... literal keys! How do you play a piano with no keys!?!? The fourth I literally walked in, and walked out. I didn't even sit down. Why do people put anything and everything on Craigslist? Some things really should just go to the trash.

Anyway, I decided to look at new baby grands. While I could buy one, I could also buy a Fiat, or a Rolex, maybe take a 22-day European vacation, four cruises, or even refurnish my entire house. So, dejected, I told Scott that I'd never learn to play!

Then, the part of my mother that rubbed off on me (I'm sure she's very proud) said Artie, (because that's what I call myself when I talk to myself) buy a great keyboard. When you learn to play, you can buy yourself a new baby grand. Ah! Mom was right all along! So, $500.00 later, I'm the proud owner of a Yamaha electronic piano.

It has a great sound. Amazing actually. And it'll be a great instrument in my learning. Lessons start in a couple of weeks. So, there you have it ... for an hour a day, for the next foreseeable future, I'll be sitting at that bad boy, tickling the ivories ... so to speak ... trying to make this lifelong dream come true!