Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Barn

Vanderpool Design - Lewiston Tour of Homes 

I took the day off of work today to take apart this space and get it all packed away or taken to their new homes, and I couldn't help but think ... I need to blog about how quick this tear down really was. 

It's a short post - I'm tired, and I've still not worked on the photos that I took. I also have cross bottles to make, and a whole new project that I have to design and decorate. So, bare with me, please. 

I got to the barn today at 8:30am. I had coordinated pick ups of all the things I was loaned between 9 and 10, and literally 6-weeks of work was torn apart in less than 6-hours.

Looks a little different doesn't it. It's actually a little sad to see it all torn apart like this. It just goes to show that if you have some creativity and talent, and a little money - you can turn just about anything into something spectacular. 

See you soon!


  1. Everything you do is quite impressive, my good man.

  2. Hi Artie,
    I'm the girl who purchased the fireplace and tin sign from the barn. First off I have to tell everyone what an absolutely phenomenal job you did on that little barn! I truly don't think the pictures will do it justice because for every bit as beautiful as it was, it was the feeling that you got when you entered the door to that gorgeous space. You created such a warm and welcoming environment. Everywhere you looked there was a lovely vignette to admire. I have admired your work at previous years show houses as well as on your blog and your talent never ceases to amaze me! I will be calling you to work some of your magic at my house. It was truly a pleasure to meet such a talented person. Pressure's off, so enjoy your holidays!

  3. With a little creativity and talent, you say? LOL!! How about A LOT of talent and A LOT of creativity!! So many of us have the little money thing, but really, don't cut yourself short -- that was amazing. Talent out the ears...