Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Interiors: Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell has had her fair share of published rooms in FIVE books. Her latest book, Nina Campbell Interiors is as lovely as all the others, showcasing 8 homes with photography by Simon Brown. Nina is a sort of globe trotting interior designer, designing homes and royal palaces all over the world. Her clients range from the Duke and Duchess of York and the Queen of Denmark, to Rod Stewart. Each house is perfectly tailored to the owner, with a thoughtful and caring nod to every corner, every piece of upholstery, every last detail. Her thriving business includes namesake wallpapers, fabric, furniture, carpets, and curated accessories ... it's fair to say, she's a busy (and very talented) interior designer and all of her books, including this one will provide you with immeasurable interior design advice and inspiration. 

In this conservatory, Nina paired fabrics and colors that helped to relate to the garden beyond while still being sophisticated enough to adjoin the parlor without looking out of place. It's this sort of transition of space, and pairing of fabrics and styles and shapes that Nina does with effortless grace. This house, a country home outside of London, spans 34-pages and is like taking a tour in person. Each of the 8 do, in fact.

As with any book on interior design, you can easily pick one or two houses that you love more than the rest, and while this entire book is inspiring as I said before, there was one particular space that I just couldn't resist looking at over and over and over ... and even still today. 

This London flat, now home to a Russian couple who fell in love with London and couldn't wait to move into an apartment that had the perfect amount of light and airy feeling to help showcase their impressive and equally important collection of modern art.

Each piece in this apartment feels so purposeful and at the same time artistic. That could be said of any of the spaces in this book, and of Nina Campbell's spaces as a whole.

And in the same London flat, the bedroom - perfectly serene. It's so fun to pick up a book where you can see a designer move so effortlessly through color and style. From the calm and neutral, sophisticated spaces of this London flat, to the rich color and pattern, and more cozy spaces of this country house:

All in all - the book is like taking an interior design class. You'll learn about patterns, colors, textures and scale, all without spending the money on a fancy tuition, all of her books are really. Beautiful photography, and expertly marketed by Ryland Peters for CICO Publishing, the book is one you'll definitely want to look into buying below!

Happy Reading! 

And ... in case you're interested in her other books (they're all great) here they are:


  1. Hi Artie, I do love Nina's design works. She has such a discerning eye!

    Kansas City Culture

  2. Hello guy . I'm inspired after seeing your job . Like it .