Monday, January 6, 2014

Scrapbook For Living: Bunny Williams

As you probably already know, I'm a fan of Bunny Williams. The New York designer, who worked for the venerable Parish-Hadley firm for 22-years before heading out on her own in 1988, has shaped the design world for a long time with her traditional interiors. In her newest book, Bunny Williams' Scrapbook For Living, Bunny gives tips on creating a home you'll love among hundreds of 3x3" photos of her work. 

Tips like: "Stone floors with a honed finish are much safer and less slippery than a highly polished floor. I also feel that the honed surface has a warmer feeling than the high glossy shine of an over-polished floor" and "Check the seat height of chairs when placing them in a group. It is unpleasant to be sitting in a chair with a high seat (eighteen or nineteen inches) next to someone in a low seat" are something that we all can learn from when putting together our homes - from the design of a new build, to the simple redecoration of a dining room. 

There are also some full page photos of some of Bunny's previously published work, along with tips about living with pets, keeping an organized home, and a list of necessities in any well-stocked guest bathroom. 

Published by Abrams Books I highly recommend Bunny Williams' Scrapbook for Living for anyone who is interested in interior design. I also think it'd make the PERFECT gift for someone in their very first home or apartment. Bunny's tips on design and other ways to live well are something anyone, young - old - rich - on their way to rich, can benefit from. The book is available on amazon below.

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  1. Bunny Williams is a favorite and I loved " Point of View" - looks like another book to add to my ever growing collection!!

  2. I adore this book! Beautiful as well as practical!

  3. All these fabulous books are killing me! So broke!! I love Bunny Williams and don't have this one. So I guess I'll be getting another book :)
    Stay warm,

  4. Catching up on reading, and who doesn't love Bunny Williams? I need this one, haven't bought a book in ages! thanks for the glimpse.

  5. Carol you need this one!!! All of these book reviews Artie are killing me! I'm with Loi! I just bought four new ones on Ebay last night…I actually said the other the day that if I ever win the lottery the first thing I would do is go on Amazon and order every design book I could think of!

  6. All are spanking here . I admire your job .