Friday, January 30, 2015

Thank you ... and onward to New Beginnings

I wanted to spend a little time today to thank each and every one of you who either left a comment here on the blog, or who emailed me personally with your heartfelt sympathy regarding my dear, sweet Abby.
It's so comforting, and heartwarming to know that there are such wonderfully caring people in the world! I want you all to know that your words of encouragement, and the stories that you've shared about your own four-legged friends, both living and watching over you, have made this experience easier to handle.
I appreciate you all, and I am grateful for your friendship and thoughtfulness during this time.
 Many of you have probably discerned from my recent posts that I am no longer living at CDLV. After nearly nine years, Scott and I have mutually agreed that it was best to continue our relationship as friends.
I learned a lot about myself, my skill, my talent working in the rooms of CDLV. But I always felt like there were boundaries I couldn't push, guidelines I had to follow, a box that couldn't be a shade of gray, it had to be either black or white. It was a combination of things, but mostly due to the constraints of the space. With it's orange-hued woodwork, and dark rooms - the house couldn't be the fun and vibrant space that I really wanted it to be. And while it always felt soulful, it also felt old. (Not the good old, either!)
My new space is coming together. It's a transitional space that I plan on sharing soon.
I haven't yet decided if I should do that here, within the framework of this blog, Color Outside the Lines, which had been solely devoted to CDLV, or in a new blog, with a different name and a different look. At any rate, while I decide on those things and work on this new space - I hope you'll continue to follow along, enjoying the inspiration, until the time comes that I feel it's right to open up the doors and let you all in, be it here, or in a whole new setting.
Now, in an effort to move forward, let's get back to what this blog is all about, shall we? Beautiful and inspiring spaces!
Today, instead of lots of pictures from different spaces, I wanted to share with you one space that I recently rediscovered and totally fell in love with all over again. I used to crave spaces like this, but being the realist that I am, never saved the pictures because I never thought that they'd be an option for me. Now, they are ... and so, I give you the Austin home, of Shabby Slips owner, Renea Abbott and husband Greg Manteris as featured in the Houston Chronicle, her site, Papercity Magazine online, photographer Jordan Polevoy, and pinterest by way of blogland's Cote de Texas, and others. Enjoy!