Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gray Flannel

Ok, did anyone else notice the gray flannel upholstery from the ASO show house featured yesterday?

It's quite lovely, yes? Both this French Bergere and the English roll arm chair in the seating area across from the bed are upholstered in gray flannel.
It really had me thinking about moving to gray flannel for some chairs of my own that I've been looking to reupholster. So, off to pinterest I went, and I was shocked to find just how many people are using it:

Did I miss the memo?


  1. It quite lovely especially with beige tones. Little by little I've been incorporating into my home.

  2. Love the gray flannel, especially the soft gray on the wingback. And that headboard treatment!! xo Leslie

  3. Specially these single chairs are very amazing . Like these much .