Monday, August 17, 2015

More Barbara Westbrook

I've posted pictures of this room before, but, since it was part of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra showhouse, there have been so many other pictures posted of new angles, and different pieces that really help you feel like you're in the room and experiencing all of the loveliness that Westbrook created for the tour.

Rhoda, who writes Southern Hospitality, a blog all about design, décor, diy - very cool if you haven't read it, went to the showhouse, and took some great pictures from angles that we all WANT to see that magazines never seem to publish. Check out more of her blog, here.

Holly, who writes the blog Things That Inspire (I'm sure you all know her, her blog is one of the top design/décor blogs out there)  also did a post on the Westbrook room at the showhouse. She did a little research, posting what the room looked like on the real estate listing prior to Westbrook filling it with beautiful things.

So, it's clear to see that Westbrook inherited a space that was already quite magnificent. The architectural moldings were already there, as well as that gorgeous hand painted linen on the walls.

Some of the best photos of the room were taken by Kathy of Southern Style Southern Charm. She dedicated her blog to the showhouse, doing posts for each of the rooms after her personal tour. I highly recommend that you visit her blog and take a look.


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