Thursday, October 8, 2015

Floating Canopy

So, as most of you are aware, I am shamelessly copying, failing miserably at recreating, was inspired by a beautiful bedroom that had what I'm calling, a floating canopy. I'm calling it a floating canopy because the canopy is attached to the ceiling, rather than being a part of a freestanding piece of furniture. In this particular case, the canopy is hanging from the ceiling from hooks and chains, but this varies in some of the pictures I've gathered for inspiration.

I have decided to hang my canopy from chains, just like the inspiration room, but finding suitable curtains has proven problematic. Have no fear, though. I am determined to finish this canopy THIS WEEKEND! So, bring on the inspiration and the perspiration, because we're getting busy. I say we, but clearly I mean I, since I'll be doing this alone! You're with me in spirit though, I know!

Here we go! Enjoy, and see you Tuesday ... with what I hope to be a partial reveal!


Photos via Pinterest, Mark D. Sikes