Friday, October 16, 2015

Upholstered Walls

I almost started this post with a picture of a padded room - you know the kind - where they lock up design bloggers who move from one apartment to the next and spend all their money on trying to make it look pretty? Yeah - I'll wait til I actually end up there, then do a post about how I decorated it with my imagination.

No, this is a different type of upholstered room. One that I've really had my eye on for a while. Feast your eyes on the inspiration:


Now, for my crazy idea. (Like I really needed anything else added to my to-do list!) The small bedroom of the apartment isn't cute. It's just not, and there's nothing I can do to make it cute. There's an access panel there for the bathroom plumbing and the dimensions of the room are about the size of a ladies boot box. Not even nice boots, either. Not. Kidding.
So, When life gives Artie lemons, he makes lemon juice. And there are times, when that lemon juice comes together wonderfully with some sugar and spring water, and BAM! Lemonade. There are other times when it's just really bitter and sour and hard to swallow.
I ended up choosing to turn this tiny room into a library/dining space, i.e., I'm never going in there - but it's going to be pretty. So not only did I buy enough fabric to pad the walls of the room, I also bought book shelves to sit on either side of the window. Hello symmetry.
What did I choose?
Well, I was super inspired by all of the images above. But there was one space in particular that really was a stand out to me, and that was the atelier of the 2013 San Francisco Decorator Showhouse done by designer, Antonio Martins.

So, armed with inspiration - I set out to do a little upholstery project of my own. I'm literally MID-PROJECT right now ... but here's a little sneak peak!

I'm CRAZY about the texture that this adds to the space - and can't wait to get it all finished so I can show you the final result.

I was able to find a really wonderful product, I think intended for tablecloths, where the burlap had been backed with a clear, hard, vinyl product which makes it far easier to work with - and very rigid, almost like grasscloth wallpaper. I'm hoping that between entertaining out of town guests this weekend, I can get more of this accomplished, and have photos to you by next week! Fingers crossed!


  1. Wow Artie!
    You are inspired! Once, I had some silk fabric paper-backed for a client, then had their paper hanger install it. It was a disaster, and it all had to be scrapped. Then, we imported an expert upholstered wall man from Atlanta, and used a moiré textured cotton on the walls, which was a was a beautiful music room, complete with Baby Grand Piano, and Marie Therese style crystal chandelier. Can't wait to see you finished library!


    1. Hey Dean!
      That sounds absolutely amazing! Thankfully this application is purely done with staples. No glue involved, because I'd be violating the lease by gluing anything to the walls. It'll come down easy and be able to be reapplied somewhere else if it turns out as nice as I have envisioned! What did you trim your walls with in the music room? Bias from the same moire cotton? Or did you do a contrast?

  2. wait... did I miss the reveal on your bedroom? Is that still in the works?

    Love the texture of the product that you chose. At first I was thinking, why not just wallpaper with grass cloth... "?? I like the photos of where/how you got your inspiration for this project. Looking forward to seeing it when it is finished.



    1. Hey Ivy!
      I'd love to hang wallpaper, however, this is a rental and they don't allow it. To save myself the hassle, and make sure my security deposit isn't kept, I am hanging the burlap instead. :) I think it's gonna have a great look when complete. And if not - I'm only out about $75.

  3. OMG I love your new bedroom and can tell this room is going to be fabulous too! Glad you're back blogging more.

  4. Thank you for such a gorgeous and inspiring post! The burlap walls are fabulous!
    Wishing you a nice weekend!

  5. Artie, I am loving this idea and its going to look fab! That said, would you mind sharing the source of the burlap? Also shall mention in event you encounter difficulty in stapling it; you might wish to try starch which is a very old method of hanging fabric which can be removed quite easily without harming the wall. Unfortunately its been years since I did it, but I am sure a web search might give you an idea re formula and application. -Brenda-

  6. ...what a wonderful idea...cannot wait to see the end result...blessings laney

  7. Great idea, but does it have an odor like burlap? I grew up in the 60s with an "upholstered" dining room - in a jacobean print. I always loved it!

  8. How's everything? Can't wait to see you finished library!

  9. Looking excellent these interior decoration . Thank you very much .