Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Book Review: John Barman Interior Design

John Barman Interior Design by John Barman
with Anthony Iannacci
Published by The Monacelli Press
New York City born and raised interior designer, John Barman has a list of famous clientele as long as your arm: Bryant Gumbel, Stone Phillips, Neil Simon, and George Stephanopoulos to name a few. His classic but modern aesthetic has earned him billing in Architectural Digest's coveted AD 100, print in Traditional Home, W, the New York Times, and Elle Décor among others. What I find so intriguing about his work is his ability to mix contemporary, modern, and antique art deco with otherwise traditional spaces with an exacting and curatorial eye - keeping the overall look warm, and enveloping. His point of view is individual, nothing about his work seems copied or repetitive (which is a delight in design) and his rooms, no matter how big or small, are always sophisticated, glamorous, colorful, and beautiful.
His new book, John Barman Interior Design published by The Monacelli Press, illustrates 15-homes designed by Barman from New York City to Miami, and every one of them is impressive and inspiring. Let's take a look at a few of my favorite spaces from the book:
Photo credit - Anastassios Mentis
Photo credit - Anastassios Mentis
Photo credit - Anastassios Mentis
Photo credit - Pieter Estersohn
Photo credit - Anastassios Mentis
Photo credit - Anastassios Mentis
Wholly inspiring, from clever furniture arrangements and art placements, to vignette staging and ideas for layering, and certainly a text book on the use of color and pattern - John Barman Interior Design is a book well worth adding to your arsenal of design reference books. More than just a pretty book to grace your coffee table, the beautiful images are a resource to anyone who loves design and looks to designers at the top of their game for guidance when we run into those design hurdles. A favorite of mine for sure, and I'd be willing to bet that it will be a favorite of yours! Grab your copy via the Amazon link below. 

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