Friday, January 22, 2016

Book Review: Rooftop Garden Design

Rooftop Garden Design Edited by David Fletcher
Published by Images Publishing
I think that we are all trying to "go green" now, and likely you have been for the last several years. Small changes, like changing out incandescent bulbs for CFL's, recycling, buying certified repurposed or biodegradable goods are just small steps to helping conserve our earth's resources. In design, you surely have seen a push to natural fibers (linen, cotton, wool) in the fabrics for new furniture, with some companies now selling certified "green" furniture for the home.
Even builders of new buildings are thinking "green", with installation of water-free plumbing, solar panel electricity, and in many situations "green" roofs. Green roofs are the ultimate in sustainable building practices, and they continue to generate enormous interest and enthusiasm among architects, landscape designers, and urban planners.
Rooftop Garden Design provides a comprehensive guide to contemporary trends in rooftop garden design, and provides definitive theory and design industry knowledge. Let's take a peek inside!
 Photo/Design Credit: Aralia UK;
Knightsbridge Roof Terrace, London, UK - Rooftop Garden Design
Photo credit: Mariko Reed; Architect Design: brick, llp; Landscape Design: Bionic
899 West Evelyn, California, United States - Rooftop Garden Design
 Photo Credit: Ben Wetherall; Design Credit: Aralia UK;
Concept Show Garden, Chelsea, UK - Rooftop Garden Design
Photo Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall; Architecture Design: Guz Architects Pte Ltd; Landscape Design: Nyee Phoe Landscapes; Private Home, Sentosa, Singapore - Rooftop Garden Design
Photo Credit: Jay Jallorina; Landscape Design: ArquitectonicaGEO
SM City North EDSA Sky Gardens, Quezon City, Philippines - Rooftop Garden Design
These are just a few of the amazing projects from around the world captured in the richly illustrated pages of Rooftop Garden Design.  Projects from commercial to residential are showcased from Australia, Chile, China, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Scandinavia, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam. So, if you have an interest in green practices, sustainable gardening, and rooftop garden design, look no further than this book! An essential resource for anyone working on environmental landscape, the book is more than a reference guide, it's a gorgeous, well illustrated, and inspirational book perfect for perusing when you need a little break from the ordinary. Look at little further, and grab your copy via the amazon link below: