Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Book Review: The Shopkeeper's Home

The Shopkeeper's Home by Caroline Rowland
Published by Jacqui Small Publishing

I've always wanted to own a store. For a brief moment in time, I calmed that craving by having a small space filled with beautiful vignettes and treasures. Fortunately, and somewhat unfortunately, as soon as I would set up the perfect vignette - something, inevitably the table I had everything displayed so beautifully on - would sell, and I would have to start all over. It was fun. It was also frustrating. So, when I walk into a wonderfully designed, perfectly displayed store - I often question the shopkeeper about how they keep everything looking so perfect ... and then begin to wonder if their house is as well curated. After all, it is reasonable, right?
Well, if you're anything at all like me, consider the voyeur inside fully satisfied with the pages of The Shopkeeper's Home keeping you company. Beautiful retail spaces, independently owned an operated across the globe are introduced to you one after the other, and after you take a photographic tour through the retail space, the door opens to the shopkeeper's home!
Stores from Australia to Oregon, and homes from light and sparse, to dark and collected fill the more than 220-pages. Care to join me in a quick sojourn?
Photo Credit: Michael Sinclair; UK Vintage store, HOME BARN; The Shopkeeper's Home
Photo Credit: Sukha; Amsterdam store, SUKHA; The Shopkeeper's Home
Photo Credit: Lauren Bamford; Melbourne shop EMPIRE VINTAGE; The Shopkeeper's Home
 Photo Credit: Lauren Bamford; Melbourne shop EMPIRE VINTAGE; The Shopkeeper's Home
 Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay; Los Angeles based ZELEN; The Shopkeeper's Home
Photo Credit: Mikkel Vang/Taverne Agency; Home of Lynda (owner of EMPIRE VINTAGE);
The Shopkeeper's Home
Photo Credit: Michael Sinclair; Home of Sarah (owner, HOME BARN); The Shopkeeper's Home

A really sharp look into the curatorial aesthetic that these awesome entrepreneurs/designers have, The Shopkeeper's Home is the perfect addition to your library - especially if you're one of those people constantly searching for vignette inspiration. A great source of inspiration, tips, and more, I would highly suggest you add this to your collection via the Amazon link, below:


  1. Love your reviews. I've added so many of these books to my wish list.

  2. Thanks! Headed to shop on Amazon right now. I look forward to perusing The Shopkeepers Home. Cherry Kay

  3. These photos are very gorgeous . A lot of thanks .