Sunday, January 10, 2016

Book Review: Waterside Modern

Waterside Modern by Dominic Bradbury
Published by Thames & Hudson

There's a certain restorative, healing power that being near water has on all of us, right? Whether it is an ionic clarity of the air around the water, or simply the calm and peaceful nature of an endless sightline of blue - we are almost all drawn to the water in some way. Some of us are lucky enough to live in these waterside locales, others of us get an opportunity to visit - but for those of us who can't escape to the water in our real day-to-day lives, we can now take a first-class departure to the sea in Waterside Modern.

Written by Dominic Bradbury, with gorgeous photography by Richard Powers, there are more than 400 illustrations of waterside living - from modern, concrete beach houses in New Zealand:

Omaha, New Zealand, Photo Credit - Richard Powers
to the mid-century inspired Shelter Island, New York beach house of Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan.
Shelter Island, New York, Photo Credit - Richard Powers
Each of the homes in Waterside Modern is looked at not only from the outside, but from the inside. You're introduced to the house the same way you would be if you were to happen upon it from the beach, and then invited in to look around, one room at a time. The d├ęcor ranges from layered and transitional with colors of the surrounding waterside brought indoors:
Long Island, New York, Photo Credit - Richard Powers
Long Island, New York, Photo Credit - Richard Powers

to much more neutral palettes of white and gray in one of my favorite houses in the book, Kas Dorrie, located in the Dutch territory island of Bonaire:
Bonaire, Caribbean, Photo Credit - Richard Powers
Bonaire, Caribbean, Photo Credit - Richard Powers / scanned 

Bonaire, Caribbean, Photo Credit - Richard Powers / scanned 
The houses are impressive, but the views - oh the views. When you have a window to the world as picturesque as these, who could ever leave home?

Bonaire, Caribbean, Photo Credit - Richard Powers / scanned
Port de la Selva, Catalonia, Spain, Photo Credit - Richard Powers
Tamariu, Girona, Spain,  Photo Credit - Richard Powers
Yes indeed, Waterside Modern is a bit like taking a fascinating, global vacation to the calming waters of the most beautiful places on earth, and visiting some of the most expensive and inspiring waterside getaways in the world. No matter where you are, near to or far from water, Waterside Modern will offer sophisticated and dazzling inspiration - if not for design, certainly for your next vacation! Take a look, and grab your copy via the Amazon link below.  

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