Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ever Inspired ...

I am constantly inspired by rooms. Sometimes they're clean, fresh, and filled with white slipcovers and Chinoiserie pottery - you know, the look that I currently have. And other times they are dark and moody, or exuberantly colorful and filled with play and fantasy.

Over the last 2-years, I've curated a look that I really did enjoy. It was such a departure from the look I had when living at the former CDLV, and I don't regret for a minute decorating this way. I proved to myself, and anyone else watching, that I was capable of pulling together rooms that had absolutely no architectural interest, with the absence of color and pattern. It's not as easy as it seems. Still, that challenge was met, and now, it's time for a new challenge. A new look.

At first, I was thinking switching up chairs would be enough. Now I want something completely different. Naturally, I don't ever make anything easy for myself. So, I'm liquidating all of my worldly assets. Sort of. And I'm inspired by these spaces and others like them for the "new" look.

Design by Sig Bergamin

Design by Richard Shapiro

Design by Carolina Irving

Design by Michael S. Smith

Design by Sheila Bridges
Honestly, who knows what will happen from here. But I can guarantee, that the next version of the apartment will have more color and layers than ever before, and I hope that you will like them as much as I'm sure I will. This part is the fun part, as they say! Check back tomorrow - I'm in the middle of tracking a room redo by a design favorite, Windsor Smith. It'll be interesting to see what you think of the changes! 


  1. Nice! Looking forward to what you come up with; I have total faith that it will be good. :)

  2. Back in the day of Rate My Room you've always brought interest in your decorating skills. You certainly are talented.

  3. Gorgeous decoration really inspired after seeing these .