Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Flawless Montecito by Mark D. Sikes

Did everyone see the new Veranda magazine for July/August 2016?

The cover is captivating, I mean who doesn't love a garden folly? BUT, what is really magnificent about this issue is the return of Mark D. Sikes and his amazing California Coastal style. It's been 2-years exactly since Mark D. Sikes' home graced the cover of Veranda in 2014, and now he's been featured again this time with client work in beautiful Montecito.

At first glance, the house looks a lot like Mark's own house in the Hollywood Hills, Spanish styling with a stucco exterior and beautiful tile roof, even the chaise lounges at the pool sport a dream light blue cushion, similar to Mark's outdoor furniture:

Mark's quintessential laid-back sophisticated California style is evident in all of his work, and this Montecito home is truly a flawless representation of that: 

There's a rhythm to his aesthetic, layers, stripes, blue and white, antique brass, chinoiserie, and hand-painted wallpaper. It's something you see in nearly every room Mark creates. His new book, Beautiful, has nearly 300-pages of his work and is slated to hit shelves this Autumn; I have already pre-ordered it, hoping for a glimpse into more of this home and of the one he shares with partner Michael Griffin and their adorable French Bulldog, HRHLily.


But let me get back to this amazing home in Montecito. It belongs to fashion designer Karen Kane, and her husband. Built as their getaway from business life, the house needed an update from its 1997 original furnishings and fixtures. While reading the article and pouring over the pictures, I immediately thought to myself, I wonder what it looked like before? I couldn't find much, but I did find a few things. Here's what the pool area looked like when the house was built: 

And here again, the pic from Veranda: 

You can see how nice everything looks since the shrubs and trees have grown in, and with the new furniture. But were there more photos? YES! 

More after photos of the house were found on the builders website, who also lead the renovation process in knocking down walls and removing some of the original details. Makes sense right? Here a view into the living room from outside.

An entry shot, in black and white. 

A shot of the finished kitchen! 

The adjoining breakfast room. 

The living room, sans styling for the magazine. Still an exceptionally gorgeous room! And that view - to die for! I also took to instagram, searching for more ... 

Mark's mood boards, you can make out the fabric used in the breakfast room on the ground far right, with the wicker chairs used outside and in the living room above it.

An early site visit from Mark's Instagram - no patio furniture in sight! 

A different view of the covered patio areas to the left and right of the doors from the grand living room, from Mark's Instagram.

Pre-sikes, during a site visit to the house early on. The golden colored walls and orange hued wood floors. From the finished photos that Veranda took, you can see that the floors were darkened up, and the wall color was changed.

Another early site visit - you can see that there is already work going on inside! No furniture, and the old golden walls. The floors are covered, presumedly because the floors had been finished at this point.

From Kane's Instagram Account, during Sikes

Installation Day in the Living Room  from Mark's Instagram

From Kane's Instagram Account, after Sikes

From Kane's Instagram Account, after Sikes

From Kane's Instagram Account, after Sikes

These rooms seem disjointed and hard to understand together until you see this photo, posted by Karen's son, on his Instagram: 

A room in Kane's house, not seen in Veranda being photographed for the book, via Mark's Instagram

Another shot of the beautiful pool area, via Mark's Instagram

From the entry hall looking into the living room, after Sikes - a dogs view, thanks to Karen's son Robert, on his Instagram.

A really stunning home, don't you think? I can't wait to see more of it, and others that Mark has touched in his new book. And before I let you go ... Cross Bottle Guy is having an Anniversary Sale! Can you believe it's been 7-years since we made our very first cross bottle? Here's what it looked like: 

There have been so many gorgeous bottles have have come and gone from the studio since, and I can't thank those of you who have purchased, gifted, or just has sweet things to say about these treasures since I started with that very first one! Come celebrate with us, as we offer 25% off all bottles! 

I will admit, the photo quality has gotten a lot better! :) 

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  1. Thanks for this detailed post. I always look forward to your blog.
    Of course Mark Sikes had Montecito to work with!! Sometime look at Charleston.
    We're going through an emergency renovation (i.e., bought an historic house and during our first
    moved-in week, the master toilet and tub flooded the area below. And Yes, we did have an inspection, but unless the guy lived there full-time, he couldn't have known. Plus it's 110 heat index and bugs rule.
    If you haven't done Charleston yet (and maybe you have because sooner or later everyone with exquisite taste does), take a look at what one can do with gardens and piazzas in this part of the world. The always glorious California is easy!!

  2. Fabulous Artie! Love Mark and his work too!

  3. Hello guy , i'm inspired after seeing you post .