Monday, November 14, 2016

Book Review: English Houses

Ben Pentreath is quite the powerhouse brand in England. His architectural firm and interior design studio has exploded since Ben wrote his first book, English Decoration, in 2011. Ben's background is in Art History, studying at the University of Edinburgh before attending the prestigious Price of Wales' Institute of Architecture, an education clearly apparent in his work.

This sequel book to English Decoration is filled with beautiful photos, all of the spaces quintessential of the English home. Twelve separate houses appear in English Houses, published by Ryland, Peters, and Small. Each is unique, each telling a story of time and place special to where it sits and who sits in it. Two of the houses featured belong to Pentreath, and his husband Charlie. The rest of the homes are scattered among England - city apartments and country manor homes, all with a lived in feeling and collections upon collections layered beautifully. 

If you're anything close to the Anglophile that I am, you'll love the book. Jan Baldwin's amazing photographs of these classic English homes are brilliant, and the writing and theory by Ben is thought provoking and educational. The best kind of design book! Yes, it's a beautiful book, but tucked into all of these gorgeous photos is an invaluable education in design and decoration. Take a closer look, and grab your copy via the Amazon link below:  

If you're interested in taking a look at Ben's first book, English Decoration, you can do so through this link: 

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