Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Book Review: Life Unstyled

 Life Unstyled by Emily Henson, Photography by Debi Treloar
Published by Ryland Peters and Small

Emily Henson is a London-based interior stylist and author with three books under her belt. Emily has a passion for color and pattern, and believes in embracing the beauty in life's imperfections, creating a home that is always evolving and never, ever done. She believes that perfection, is overrated.

Life Unstyled is all about beautifully imperfect interiors, homes that are photographed (by talented photographer Debi Treloar) to show what living really looks like, with all the unfinished edges, unmade beds, lumps, bumps, and anything in between. Henson says that Life Unstyled came about as a form of rebellion against the impossibly high standards set in magazines and in social media, where very often when are only shown a moment in time when a room has been styled to look it's very best.

Isn't it the truth! Those rooms we covet are filled with furniture and objects, art, etc., all on loan or purchased for the shoot, with flowers, and plants, and vignettes that take hours to style while the other side of the room is often a mound of pillows and mess. The real life, but beautiful homes featured in Life Unstyled are inspiring, but inspiring without the impending shame of having a house that is anything less than perfect.

Take a peek: 

Indeed, the book is inspiring. With houses that are filled with creativity and energized by the real life we all live. Many of the homes featured are in Europe, so there's a definite European flare to the interiors throughout the book. Some of the houses are large, some are small, some are filled to the brim, and others are quite minimal. What they all have in common however, is the personality and flare of their owner, and a comfort with letting a space evolve. It's a wonderful book to keep it all in perspective, and get inspired at the same time! Take a longer look, and purchase your copy via the Amazon link below: 

And, if you're interested in taking a look at the first two books by Emily, you can view them here:


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