Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Book Reviews, and more Books Under $20

Alright, I've gotten 14 emails asking whether or not I have any book reviews coming up! The answer is, I do! They'll start up next week, a total of about 20! While I've been sick, I haven't been able to do much but read - so, I'm excited to share all of these new books with you!

Here's what we are going to review next week:

What I have decided was best, is to post these consecutively, with a lead page with the direct link to each individual book each day. I'll try to tackle 5 of these per day, next week so that you can get a good look at everything I've read in the event you want to add these to your holiday shopping list!

The Amazon links will take you directly to the purchase page for the book, at the discounted price from Amazon. There you'll also typically find reviews, and more photos.

Because I know a lot of you appreciated the design and coffee table books under $20 post I did a while ago, I thought I'd bring you more of that today. You never waste money on a book! EVER! But, when you can grab a beauty that doubles as coffee table art for less than $20, well that's just smart shopping! 

Flammarion is a luxury imprint for Rizzoli, and they publish amazing books on art and interior design. They're also always large, beautiful books, perfect for a coffee table! This one, London Interiors: Bold, Elegant, Refined, was published this past September, and is a steal at $17.91!

Flammarion published a whole series of these Interiors books. This one, New York Interiors: Bold, Elegant, Refined is as beautiful as any of them, capturing the interiors of 17 Manhattan residences. Another bargain at $18.30

This square profile book, is a lovely one, filled with beautiful images of small vacation cabins and cottages with diverse decorations. When a beautiful book is less than a bottle of wine, you can't pass it up! 

I believe that if you are going to keep books on your coffee table, they should be books that you want your guests and family to pick up and flip through. They should be eye catching, thought provoking, and interesting - if not for sheer curiosity sake. Who could refuse thumbing through this book if it were sitting on your coffee table!? Who!? And for less than $11!