Friday, December 9, 2016

A Brand New Doo

Well, you may have already noticed that the blog has a new look! I hope you're loving it as much as I am. I've been wanting to go back to a white background for a while now, and just clean up things a bit.

Now, take a minute and look around ... I want to show you some really cool (well, I think they're cool) features of the new page!

Beneath the new Color Outside the Lines logo, are direct links to separate pages I thought you might find helpful. First, the Interior Design Portfolio.

If you click on that link, it'll take you to the best pictures of a few of the spaces I've decorated, including some beautiful detail shots! Sometimes people pop into interior design blogs and wonder what the writer's house looks like, especially when the blog isn't specific to your own home. I blog about all sorts of things, but now if you're looking to check out my private spaces (old and new) you can do that with this direct link!

My favorite feature of the new blog, is the book review link. I've done over 80 book reviews here on the blog, and they were only cataloged through the book review tag - which would take you quite a while to find. NOW, though, they're all conveniently located on this page!

I will admit, this took me HOURS! But, now that it's finished I'm so glad that I sat down and did it. When you go to the book review page, all of the covers for the books I've reviewed are shown in a grid. (That was the hard part!) If you want to read my review, all you have to do is click on the book, and you're immediately taken to the book review on the blog! Isn't that cool!? No more searching! One click and you're done! SO EXCITING! 

Next up, a direct link to my web-store for my handmade Cross Bottle art.

Cross Bottle Guy started years ago, without any real name. I sold them here, on Color Outside the Lines. Eventually I felt like I needed to brand them, and get them their own space - so I did, and now if you're interested in keeping up with what goes on over there, you can click on the link. It'll give you some history about the bottles (I still have to write that) and provide you with a direct link to the site.

Next, we have E-Design Services. This is something that I've been asked to provide for a while now, so I figured I would add it to the list of things you can find here. That page is still in the works, but it will include all of the information about how it works, the fees, etc.. If you have been looking for some help, click there, and let's play!

I also have added a page simply titled, SHOP. This is where you will occasionally be able to shop for new, vintage, and antique items that I have found in my travels and explorations. While there will not be a consistent e-store, (at least not now) I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to offer up to my readers a chance to buy some of the lovely things that I find along the way.

I spent years working on and tending to what turned into a beautiful garden at CDLV. In the Garden Design Portfolio page, you'll find photos of the entire garden, including some detail shots, and a couple of before photos. Putting that page together was bitter sweet, it really was. I so miss having a garden!

And lastly, an About Me page that I have yet to complete. But I will!

So there you have it! Again, if you've been here for the long haul (and I know some of you have) THANK YOU for sticking with me all these years, including the crazy changes. It means the world to me! If you're new, WELCOME! And I hope you like what you see. Enjoy the show!


  1. Lovely new design. Thanks so much for taking the time to update everything. Looking forward to more updates on your home.

  2. Hello. I love the new look of your blog - well done! Such a clean aesthetic and so easy to browse. And the features are cool. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Well worth the time and effort because it shows. Loving the new look.

  4. Wonderful post . Like and applaud your post .