Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Book Review: Made to Measure: Meyer Davis, Architecture and Interiors

Made to Measure: Meyer Davis, Architecture and Interiors 
Published by Vendome Press 

In 1999, Will Meyer and Gray Davis, formed their venerable design and architecture firm, Meyer Davis. Both of these gentlemen came to their newly formed partnership with a great deal of experience behind them. Will Meyer had worked for architect Gwathmey Siegel, and Gray Davis worked for master designers John Saladino and Thomas O'Brien. 

Together, Meyer and Davis have designed and created nearly 200 private and public spaces that define their "hip" luxurious aesthetic, earning them scads of press and a celebrity clientele. They believe that modern luxury should be defined as comfortable and welcoming interiors that are also both dazzling, and dramatic. 

The first book about their work, Made to Measure, catalogs their beautiful spaces and tells the story of the success Meyer and Davis have experienced, now known as one of the most successful American design firms. Hundreds of brilliant photos show both residential and commercial projects, all with the flare and beauty of the Meyer Davis special touch. Let's take a little look: 

Together, the two really have redefined modern luxury. Every room is sumptuous and remarkable, wholly inspiring. A wonderful book to use as a design reference for projects large and small, public and private, take a further look and purchase your copy via the Amazon link below:

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