Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Book Review: The Pearl Necklace

For those of you who know jewelry, you know that Mikimoto is probably the most recognized producer of the finest cultured pearl jewelry in the world. For those of you who know books, you probably would agree that Assouline is known as the top publishing house for luxury coffee table and design books. So when the two of them came together to publish a book on quite possibly one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in history, you could bet on the book being a stunning work of art. And it is! 

The Pearl Necklace offers up an evolution of the beloved pearl necklace throughout history in more than 200 color photos. Worn for centuries by Queens and Maharajahs, First Ladies, and starlets on red carpets from the teens of the 1900's to the teens of the 2000's, the pearl necklace is a ubiquitous piece of jewelry for any woman that has defied all trends. Let's take a little peek inside:

The Pearl Necklace not only catalogs the history of the jewels themselves, in designs from simple strands to the incredibly intricate work of a Mikimoto collar, it also presents pearls in paintings like Botticelli's "The Birth of  Venus".

An absolutely beautiful book, perfect for those of you with an interest in jewelry, beauty, history, and art; this massive, luxurious volume reminds all of us why the pearl necklace has long been the ultimate object of fascination and fantasy.

Take a closer look, and grab your own copy via the Amazon link below:

Also, if you're interested in learning more about Mikimoto, Assouline published a small, 80-page book about the jewelry house in 2008, which you can find here:


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